Convert Square Feet to Square Inches

Converting between square foot and square inches? Use our handy area converter tool for sq ft – sq in for any calculation you need. More converters here.

Conversion Square Feet - Square Inches

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Convert Square Inches to Square Feet

Square feet and square inches are two of the smaller measurements of units used to calculate areas we might need to know in everyday situations, such as the size of materials or rooms. Square feet are used to measure larger surface areas. Use this ft² to in² calculator for any of your conversions, and view our other area converters for more.

How to use the Converter for Square Feet to Square Inches?

In the sq ft to sq in converter above, enter the quantity of square feet in the box and click “convert” for a new quantity and accurate equivalent to appear in square inches. For the opposite conversion, see convert square inches to square feet.

Formula to Convert Sq Ft – Sq In

Some situations may require you to know the mathematical formula for this square foot to square inch conversion that is used by our online converter and is shown below. For instance, 7 sq ft = 1008 sq in and 58 sq ft = 8352 sq in.

[number of] square feet x 144 = [number of] square inches

Units of Square Feet

This unit of area, square feet, is most commonly used in real estate situations. It is a good measurement to use for calculating the size of buildings and in particular rooms. When selling or buying a house you will need measurements of areas in square feet. Above you can use our square ft – square inch converter for your calculations.

Units of Square Inches

Square inches are a measurement of area most commonly used for small surfaces such as to measure furniture, and material sizes like wood or paper. It can also be a useful measurement in the fashion industry for measuring surface areas of materials such as silk and cloth. Use our square foot to square inch converter.


How much is 1 Square Foot in Square Inches?

1 Square Foot equal to 144 Square Inches (1sq ft = 144sq in)

How much are 2 Square Feet in Square Inches?

2 Square Feet equal to 288 Square Inches (2sq ft = 288sq in)

How much are 3 Square Feet in Square Inches?

3 Square Feet equal to 432 Square Inches (3sq ft = 432sq in)

How much are 4 Square Feet in Square Inches?

4 Square Feet equal to 576 Square Inches (4sq ft = 576sq in)

How much are 5 Square Feet in Square Inches?

5 Square Feet equal to 720 Square Inches (5sq ft = 720sq in)

How much are 10 Square Feet in Square Inches?

10 Square Feet equal to 1440 Square Inches (10sq ft = 1440sq in)

How much are 15 Square Feet in Square Inches?

15 Square Feet equal to 2160 Square Inches (15sq ft = 2160sq in)

How much are 20 Square Feet in Square Inches?

20 Square Feet equal to 2880 Square Inches (20sq ft = 2880sq in)

How much are 25 Square Feet in Square Inches?

25 Square Feet equal to 3600 Square Inches (25sq ft = 3600sq in)

How much are 30 Square Feet in Square Inches?

30 Square Feet equal to 4320 Square Inches (30sq ft = 4320sq in)

How much are 50 Square Feet in Square Inches?

50 Square Feet equal to 7200 Square Inches (50sq ft = 7200sq in)

How much are 100 Square Feet in Square Inches?

100 Square Feet equal to 14400 Square Inches (100sq ft = 14400sq in)

How much are 200 Square Feet in Square Inches?

200 Square Feet equal to 28800 Square Inches (200sq ft = 28800sq in)

How much are 500 Square Feet in Square Inches?

500 Square Feet equal to 72000 Square Inches (500sq ft = 72000sq in)

How much are 1000 Square Feet in Square Inches?

1000 Square Feet equal to 144000 Square Inches (1000sq ft = 144000sq in)
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