Convert Doc to Docx

Want to update your files from the older Word version of .doc to the newer .docx? Make it easier to send and edit Word documents with our conversion steps!

How to Convert Doc to Docx?

With Word documents saved as .doc they are compatible with any version of Word, however, documents saved as .docx are for Windows 2007 and higher. If you wish to change .doc to .docx so that your files are compatible with any software, take a look at the following instructions that are suitable for Windows and Mac:

  1. Open the word document that you want to convert.
  2. Go to File > Save as.
  3. When selecting the location for your file and changing the document name, there is a dropdown window called “Save as type”.
  4. Select Word document (*.docx) and clic save.

Method to Convert .doc to .docx

In case the method above doesn’t work, or you want another way for doing the doc to docx conversion, view the following instructions:

  1. Browse online for free file converters.
  2. Choose the one you think is best, there are some good ones online that don’t require you to download any additional software.
  3. Upload your file to convert.
  4. Select the location and new type of document and click “convert”.