Convert JPEG to PDF

Thinking about converting a .jpg image into a pdf file? Find out how to do it here! Two different ways to convert jpg to pdf that help you convert files.

How to Convert jpg to pdf for Windows and Mac

Converting an image from a JPEG to PDF can be very simple and quick to do! The easiest method to use that requires no additional software or programming is through an online converter.

  1. Browse online for a free jpg to pdf converter.
  2. There are lots to choose from so have a look at which one you like and is the most simple.
  3. Upload the .jpg image you want to convert and click “convert” for it to become a pdf file.
  4. You may need to download the new file and save it to your computer or laptop.

Convert JPEG to PDF using a PDF Writer

If you need to convert a large number of jpeg images into pdf files, it might be worth downloading a specific programme to make the process quicker. Again, most of these are free and harmless to your computer or laptop.

  1. Browse online for a PDF writer to download and install.
  2. Follow the instructions to convert your jpg to pdf.
  3. Usually you will be required to open the JPEG image or upload it to be converted.
  4. Remember to save your new PDF file and name it.