Convert MP4 to AVI

To convert videos easily from mp4 to avi format, take a look at our simple instructions for both windows and mac softwares. More format conversions here.

How to Convert Videos from MP4 to AVI

Converting videos can be extremely simple to do online for mp4 to avi conversions that will work great for Windows and Mac softwares. Although, you will need to download a video converter, there are many free ones available online that only take a few minutes to install with no additional problems.

  1. Find a video converter online, select a free one or use a recommended site.
  2. Download the preferred converter and install it onto your laptop or computer so it is ready to use.
  3. Follow the instructions for the specific converter.
  4. You will need to upload the MP4 file you want to convert and select that you want it converted into AVI.
  5. Let the programme convert the file and save your new AVI video in a new location.