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Trying to change dirhams – dollars? This currency converter will calculate the daily exchange rate for you to convert any quantity of money. Try it out now!

Converter Dirhams - Dollars

The dirham as the currency of the UAE and the dollar as the currency of the USA have an important relationship. Although the AED currency is not regarded as too powerful in the foreign exchange market, due to constant trade between America and the United Arab Emirates, the exchange rate between these currencies is important for both economies. This currency converter aed – usd will help you calculate the conversion rate, or click here for more currency converters.

How Does the Converter from Dirhams (د.إ) to Dollars ($) work?

To find out the amount of dirhams you will receive for a specific quantity of dollars, simply enter the amount of dollars you want to convert in the box and click ¨Convert¨. Our exchange rates are always being updated to give you the most accurate conversion. Click here for the dollar – dirham converter.

About the Dirham (د.إ)

As the official currency of the United Arab Emirates, the dirham is made up from 100 smaller units called fils. Also known as the Emirati Dirham, it is a currency used within the 8 states classed under the UAE. Introduced in 1973, it is quite a new currency and is now pegged to the USD.

About the Dollar ($)

The dollar is the official currency of the United States of America and the territories classed as part of the USA. A single dollar is made up of 100 smaller units known as cents. It is the most powerful and influential currency in the world and is extremely important in the foreign trade market. Many other countries also choose to use the US dollar as their official currency or share the dollar name with their own currency.