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Need to know the exchange rate from pesos and dollars? Use our currency converter of mxn to usd to calculate different quantities easily. Regularly updated.

Converter Pesos - Dollars

As the most traded currency in South America, the Mexican peso is an important currency on the foreign market, as is the American dollar that is the most powerful currency in the world. Our currency converter peso to dollar lets you calculate exchange rates with ease. As two powerhouses of the West, these two currencies are highly influential. More currency converters available.

How Does the Converter from Pesos ($) to Dollars ($) Work?

Simply enter above the about of Mexican pesos you would like to convert into US dollars and click the ¨convert¨button. Our currency calculator works quickly to provide you with the most recent exchange rate evaluation. To convert money the other way around, see our dollar – peso converter.

About the Mexican $

The peso is the official currency of Mexiso and its monetary subunit consists of 100 centavos. As one of the oldest currencies in the Americas, the peso now holds a powerful light to the rest of the continent. The name comes from the Spanish word that translates as ¨weight¨in English to represent the coins of money that were used during earlier times.

About the US $

The dollar is the official currency of the United States of America and the territories classed as part of the USA. A single dollar is made up of 100 smaller units known as cents. It is the most powerful and influential currency in the world and is extremely important in the foreign trade market. Many other countries also choose to use the US dollar as their official currency or share the dollar name with their own currency.