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Converter British Pounds - Australian Dollars

Australia at one time also used the Pound Sterling as their currency and it was not until the late 20th century that the two countries started using different monetary units. Despite sharing a Queen, these two nations now use different currencies, although their relationship still remains a strong and influential one. To convert between different currencies, visit out currency converters page.

How Does the Converter from Pounds (£) to Australian Dollars ($) Work?

In order to convert a specific quantity of pounds, enter the number in the box above and click ¨convert¨for the accurate conversion rate to appear in Australian dollars. Our exchange rates are updated daily to give you the best currency conversion. For the opposite conversion, go to Australian dollar – pound converter.

About the Pound £

The pound is the official currency of Great Britain but is also used in the surrounding islands and other British territory in the Antarctic and off the coast of South America. One pound consists of 100 pence which is the subdivision of British currency. The sterling pound is an important currency in the foreign exchange market and is highly influencial.

About the Australian $

The Australian dollar is the official currency of the Commonwealth of Australia and a few surrounding independent states in the Pacific. It is unrelated to the US dollar except the similarity in names. The Australian dollar is seen to be quite strong, but does not compete with the US dollar or the British pound. Australia’s economy plays a part in the use of its currency as it is seen to be stable to use within the foreign exchange market.