Rupee – Dollar Converter

Looking to see how many Indian rupees you can get for a dollar? Our currency converter will let you change any quantity of money for the most accurate rate.

Converter Rupees - Dollars

For any pairing between a currency with the US dollar, the USD will always be the strongest from the two as it is the most important currency in the world. All currency converters will show the dollar to have the highest value. The relationship between INR and USD is crucial due to trade. India is an extremely important partner when it comes to the foreign market, depsite its currency not being that powerful.

How Does the Converter from Rupees (₹) to Dollars ($) Work?

In order to process the conversion you need, enter the quantity of Indian rupees you wish to exchange into Us dollars. Our conversion calculator will give you the most accurate exchange rate after you click the ¨Convert¨ button. Our currency rates are constanty being updated. To convert the other way around, go to dollar – rupee converter.

About the Indian ₹

The rupee is the official currency of the Republic of India and is subdivided into 100 paise. The Indian rupee symbol that is in use now was introduced in 2010 after a national competition for Indian residents. Other ways of symbolising the rupee include ¨Rs¨ which is still used in other countries that have adopted the rupee name.

About the US $

The dollar is the official currency of the United States of America and the territories classed as part of the USA. A single dollar is made up of 100 smaller units known as cents. It is the most powerful and influential currency in the world and is extremely important in the foreign trade market. Many other countries also choose to use the US dollar as their official currency or share the dollar name with their own currency.