Convert Atmospheres to Torrs

Trying to change from atmospheres to Torrs? This is a great pressure calculator to help you with an atm to torr conversion! Many more converters available.

Conversion Atmospheres - Torrs

Convert Torrs to Atmospheres

Units of torrs and atmospheres are key to the world of pressure where they are compared and calculated against other units of pressure. The Torr is a unit that is recognised less commercially and is used mainly in science. Atmospheres are usually seen as a good unit for comparison when looking at various different quantities of pressure. This is a Atmosphere to Torr converter and we have many more pressure converters available.

How to use the Converter from Atmospheres to Torrs?

In the box above enter the amount of atmospheres you need to change and click “convert” for the atm – torr calculator to present a new amount in torrs. Work the other way around, convert torrs to atmospheres.

Formula to Convert atm – Torr

This atm – Torr conversion is done by using an accurate mathematical formula that we are providing below should you want to do the equation yourself. For instance, 14 atm = 10,640 Torr and 53 atm = 40,280 Torr

[number of] atmospheres x 760 = [number of] Torrs

What are atmoshperes?

Atmoshperic pressure is measured in atmospheres by a piece of equipment called a barometer, which is commonly used in meteorology. The unit of atmoshpere measures pressure through the force of an object exerted on a surface by the weight of air above it, or in other terms the Earth’s atmoshpere. Above is our atmosphere to Torr converter.

What are Torrs?

The torr was historically seen to be equal to one millimetre of mercury, however, since the revision of the units of pressure, this has changed. Units of Torr have many prefixes, such as the millitorr (mTorr). It is named after an Italian mathematician and physicist who worked on the principles of the barometer. Use our atm – torr converter above.

How much is 1 Atmosphere in Torrs?

1 Atmosphere equal to 760 Torrs (1atm = 760Torr)

How much are 2 Atmospheres in Torrs?

2 Atmospheres equal to 1520 Torrs (2atm = 1520Torr)

How much are 3 Atmospheres in Torrs?

3 Atmospheres equal to 2280 Torrs (3atm = 2280Torr)

How much are 4 Atmospheres in Torrs?

4 Atmospheres equal to 3040 Torrs (4atm = 3040Torr)

How much are 5 Atmospheres in Torrs?

5 Atmospheres equal to 3800 Torrs (5atm = 3800Torr)

How much are 10 Atmospheres in Torrs?

10 Atmospheres equal to 7600 Torrs (10atm = 7600Torr)

How much are 15 Atmospheres in Torrs?

15 Atmospheres equal to 11400 Torrs (15atm = 11400Torr)

How much are 20 Atmospheres in Torrs?

20 Atmospheres equal to 15200 Torrs (20atm = 15200Torr)

How much are 25 Atmospheres in Torrs?

25 Atmospheres equal to 19000 Torrs (25atm = 19000Torr)

How much are 30 Atmospheres in Torrs?

30 Atmospheres equal to 22800 Torrs (30atm = 22800Torr)

How much are 50 Atmospheres in Torrs?

50 Atmospheres equal to 38000 Torrs (50atm = 38000Torr)

How much are 100 Atmospheres in Torrs?

100 Atmospheres equal to 76000 Torrs (100atm = 76000Torr)

How much are 200 Atmospheres in Torrs?

200 Atmospheres equal to 152000 Torrs (200atm = 152000Torr)

How much are 500 Atmospheres in Torrs?

500 Atmospheres equal to 380000 Torrs (500atm = 380000Torr)

How much are 1000 Atmospheres in Torrs?

1000 Atmospheres equal to 760000 Torrs (1000atm = 760000Torr)
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