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Converting units of pressure from Pascals to Torrs? Use our simple Pascal to Torr converter for any conversions with more calculators available.

Conversion Pascals - Torrs

Convert Torrs to Pascals

Torrs and Pascals are both units of pressure named after famous and influential people in the world of mathematics and physics. As the larger unit, Torrs are used to measure larger densities of pressure and Pascals to measure smaller ones. They both carry various prefixes to determine much smaller and much larger measurements. This is a pa – torr converter and is one of our several pressure converters.

How to use the Converter from Pascals to Torr?

Enter a number into the box above in Pascals and click “convert” for our Pa to Torr calculator to work out an equivalent and present it to you in Torrs. For the opposite conversion, convert Torrs to Pascals.

Formula to Convert Pa – Torr

For this pascal to torr conversion, our calculator uses an accurate formula to give you the best results and we have provided it below if you need to know or use it. For some examples, 14 Pa = 0.105 Torr and 72 Pa = 0.54

[number of] Pascals / 133.322 = [number of] Torrs

What are Pascals?

Pascals are defined as a unit of pressure equivalent to one newton per square metre. Pascals are slowly replacing the psi units all over the world, except in the United States. They are named after Blaise Pascal who was a French mathematician and physicist and are used in medicine and geophysics where units derived from the Pascal are used. Above is our Pascal to Torr converter.

What are Torrs?

Historically, one torr was seen to be equal to one millimetre of mercury, however, since the revision of the units of pressure, this has changed. Units of Torr have many prefixes, such as the millitorr (mTorr). The torr is named after an Italian mathematician and physicist who worked on the principles of the barometer. Use our pascal – torr calculator.

How much is 1 Pascal in Torrs?

1 Pascal equal to 0.01 Torrs (1Pa = 0.01Torr)

How much are 2 Pascals in Torrs?

2 Pascals equal to 0.02 Torrs (2Pa = 0.02Torr)

How much are 3 Pascals in Torrs?

3 Pascals equal to 0.02 Torrs (3Pa = 0.02Torr)

How much are 4 Pascals in Torrs?

4 Pascals equal to 0.03 Torrs (4Pa = 0.03Torr)

How much are 5 Pascals in Torrs?

5 Pascals equal to 0.04 Torrs (5Pa = 0.04Torr)

How much are 10 Pascals in Torrs?

10 Pascals equal to 0.08 Torrs (10Pa = 0.08Torr)

How much are 15 Pascals in Torrs?

15 Pascals equal to 0.11 Torrs (15Pa = 0.11Torr)

How much are 20 Pascals in Torrs?

20 Pascals equal to 0.15 Torrs (20Pa = 0.15Torr)

How much are 25 Pascals in Torrs?

25 Pascals equal to 0.19 Torrs (25Pa = 0.19Torr)

How much are 30 Pascals in Torrs?

30 Pascals equal to 0.23 Torrs (30Pa = 0.23Torr)

How much are 50 Pascals in Torrs?

50 Pascals equal to 0.38 Torrs (50Pa = 0.38Torr)

How much are 100 Pascals in Torrs?

100 Pascals equal to 0.75 Torrs (100Pa = 0.75Torr)

How much are 200 Pascals in Torrs?

200 Pascals equal to 1.5 Torrs (200Pa = 1.5Torr)

How much are 500 Pascals in Torrs?

500 Pascals equal to 3.75 Torrs (500Pa = 3.75Torr)

How much are 1000 Pascals in Torrs?

1000 Pascals equal to 7.5 Torrs (1000Pa = 7.5Torr)
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