Convert Knots to Feet per second

Want to change a quantity of knots into feet per second? Use our knots to ft/s speed converter to help with any conversion. More converters available here.

Conversion Knots - Feet per second

Convert Feet per second to Knots

Feet per second and knots may not be as familiar as mph or km/h because we do not use them or see them being used on a regular basis. They are both used in specific industries, whether that be science or maritime, as they are suitable for the speed of certain objects. Use our knots to feet per second converter above, or try out the other speed converters we have.

How to use the Converter for Knots to Feet per second?

Simple enter in the box above a quantity of knots and click “convert” to begin the kn – ft/s conversion and see the new quantity in feet per second appear. To convert the other way, convert feet per second to knots.

Formula to Convert kn – ft/s

Our knots – feet per second conversion tool uses an accurate formula to convert one unit of speed to another, and for these two units the speed equation is shown below. For example, 27 kn = 45.57 ft/s and 60 kn = 101.3 ft/s

[number of] knots x 1.68781 = [number of] feet per second

When to use knots?

The unit of speed known as knots is an important measurement used in meteorology but also in the air navigation and maritime industries. A knot is equivalent to one nautical mile exactly. Its main purpose is to calculate the speed of vessels relative to the fluids in which they travel, whether that is water or air. Above is our knots – ft/s calculator.

When to use ft/s?

Although it is not considered as a common or mainstream measurement, feet per second, is another unit used to calculate speed. It is used to calculate speeds of slower moving objects. Feet per second is often found to be used when you need to convert measurements into mph or km/h, such as in chemistry and physics. Try out our knots to feet/s converter.

How much is 1 Knot in Feet per second?

1 Knot equal to 1.69 Feet per second (1kn = 1.69ft/s)

How much are 2 Knots in Feet per second?

2 Knots equal to 3.38 Feet per second (2kn = 3.38ft/s)

How much are 3 Knots in Feet per second?

3 Knots equal to 5.06 Feet per second (3kn = 5.06ft/s)

How much are 4 Knots in Feet per second?

4 Knots equal to 6.75 Feet per second (4kn = 6.75ft/s)

How much are 5 Knots in Feet per second?

5 Knots equal to 8.44 Feet per second (5kn = 8.44ft/s)

How much are 10 Knots in Feet per second?

10 Knots equal to 16.88 Feet per second (10kn = 16.88ft/s)

How much are 15 Knots in Feet per second?

15 Knots equal to 25.32 Feet per second (15kn = 25.32ft/s)

How much are 20 Knots in Feet per second?

20 Knots equal to 33.76 Feet per second (20kn = 33.76ft/s)

How much are 25 Knots in Feet per second?

25 Knots equal to 42.2 Feet per second (25kn = 42.2ft/s)

How much are 30 Knots in Feet per second?

30 Knots equal to 50.63 Feet per second (30kn = 50.63ft/s)

How much are 50 Knots in Feet per second?

50 Knots equal to 84.39 Feet per second (50kn = 84.39ft/s)

How much are 100 Knots in Feet per second?

100 Knots equal to 168.78 Feet per second (100kn = 168.78ft/s)

How much are 200 Knots in Feet per second?

200 Knots equal to 337.56 Feet per second (200kn = 337.56ft/s)

How much are 500 Knots in Feet per second?

500 Knots equal to 843.91 Feet per second (500kn = 843.91ft/s)

How much are 1000 Knots in Feet per second?

1000 Knots equal to 1687.81 Feet per second (1000kn = 1687.81ft/s)
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