Convert Knots to Kilometres per hour

Calculating the difference between knots and kilometres per hour? Use this accurate speed converter from kn to km/h to help with any calculation. More here.

Conversion Knots - Kilometres per hour

Convert Kilometres per hour to Knots

Used in completely different circumstances, knots and kilometres per hour are two units of speed useful for measuring the speed of different types of vehicles. While kilometres per hour are commonly found to measure the speed of cars and is a unit used on road signs over the world, knots are used for aircraft and ships to measure their speed in water and air. Try out our knots – km/h converter above or view our other speed converters.

How to use the Converter from Knots to Km/h?

Enter into our converter kn – km/h above the number of knots you wish to convert and click “convert” for our unit calculator to present the equivalent in kilometres per hour. To do the opposite conversion, convert kilometres per hour to knots.

Formula to Convert kn – km/h

When doing this knots to kilometres per hour conversion by hand, it might be useful to understand the mathematical equation used to calculate the difference between these two units of speed. As some examples, 7 kn = 12.96 km/h and 33 kn = 61.12 km/h

[number of] knots x 1.852 = [number of] kilometres per hour 

When to use knots?

The unit of speed known as knots is an important measurement used in meteorology but also in the air navigation and maritime industries. A knot is equivalent to one nautical mile exactly. Its main purpose is to calculate the speed of vessels relative to the fluids in which they travel, whether that is water or air. Above is our knots to km/h calculator.

When to use km/h?

Kilometres per hour is the most common unit of speed that is used worldwide, found on road signs and in car speedometers. It has several different abbreviations such as km/h, the official one, kph, kmph and km/hr. In American English, this unit of speed is spelt as kilometers per hour instead. Use our kn to km/h speed converter above.

How much is 1 Knot in Kilometres per hour?

1 Knot equal to 1.85 Kilometres per hour (1kn = 1.85km/h)

How much are 2 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

2 Knots equal to 3.7 Kilometres per hour (2kn = 3.7km/h)

How much are 3 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

3 Knots equal to 5.56 Kilometres per hour (3kn = 5.56km/h)

How much are 4 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

4 Knots equal to 7.41 Kilometres per hour (4kn = 7.41km/h)

How much are 5 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

5 Knots equal to 9.26 Kilometres per hour (5kn = 9.26km/h)

How much are 10 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

10 Knots equal to 18.52 Kilometres per hour (10kn = 18.52km/h)

How much are 15 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

15 Knots equal to 27.78 Kilometres per hour (15kn = 27.78km/h)

How much are 20 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

20 Knots equal to 37.04 Kilometres per hour (20kn = 37.04km/h)

How much are 25 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

25 Knots equal to 46.3 Kilometres per hour (25kn = 46.3km/h)

How much are 30 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

30 Knots equal to 55.56 Kilometres per hour (30kn = 55.56km/h)

How much are 50 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

50 Knots equal to 92.6 Kilometres per hour (50kn = 92.6km/h)

How much are 100 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

100 Knots equal to 185.2 Kilometres per hour (100kn = 185.2km/h)

How much are 200 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

200 Knots equal to 370.4 Kilometres per hour (200kn = 370.4km/h)

How much are 500 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

500 Knots equal to 926 Kilometres per hour (500kn = 926km/h)

How much are 1000 Knots in Kilometres per hour?

1000 Knots equal to 1852 Kilometres per hour (1000kn = 1852km/h)
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