Convert Knots to Metres per second

Need to change from units of knots to metres per second? Use this accurate knots to m/s converter for any of your calculations! More speed converters here.

Conversion Knots - Metres per second

Conversor de Metres per second to Knots

These two units of speed, knots and metres per second, are both used non-commercially and are less likely to be found in everyday measurements and calculations. Also, they are both used for generally slower speeds such as knots which are used for ships and m/s to measure things travelling in space. View all of our speed converters and try out this knots – m/s conversion tool.

How to use the Converter for Knots to Mps?

Input the amount of knots into the box above and click “convert” to be given a new quantity in metres per second by our knots to m/s converter. If you need to convert in the opposite direction, convert metres per second to knots.

Formula to Convert kn – m/s

In order to do this conversion knots to m/s by hand, you might need to know the mathematical formula so we have provided it below for your use. As some examples, 6 kn = 3.09 m/s and 23 kn = 11.83 m/s

[number of] knots / 1.94384 = [number of] metres per second

When to use knots?

The unit of speed known as knots is an important measurement used in meteorology but also in the air navigation and maritime industries. A knot is equivalent to one nautical mile exactly. Its main purpose is to calculate the speed of vessels relative to the fluids in which they travel, whether that is water or air. Above is our knots to metres per second converter.

When to use m/s?

As a unit of speed used to measure slower speeds, metres per second are used less commonly in everyday situations. Metres per second are defined by the amount of distance travelled in metres, divided by the time it took in seconds. The most common industry to use m/s is in astronomy, however, sometimes m/s is still too slow so km/s is used. View our kn – m/s calculator.

How many is 1 Knot in Metres per second?

1 Knot equals 0.51 Metres per second (1kn = 0.51m/s)

How many are 2 Knots in Metres per second?

2 Knots equal 1.03 Metres per second (2kn = 1.03m/s)

How many are 3 Knots in Metres per second?

3 Knots equal 1.54 Metres per second (3kn = 1.54m/s)

How many are 4 Knots in Metres per second?

4 Knots equal 2.06 Metres per second (4kn = 2.06m/s)

How many are 5 Knots in Metres per second?

5 Knots equal 2.57 Metres per second (5kn = 2.57m/s)

How many are 10 Knots in Metres per second?

10 Knots equal 5.14 Metres per second (10kn = 5.14m/s)

How many are 15 Knots in Metres per second?

15 Knots equal 7.72 Metres per second (15kn = 7.72m/s)

How many are 20 Knots in Metres per second?

20 Knots equal 10.29 Metres per second (20kn = 10.29m/s)

How many are 25 Knots in Metres per second?

25 Knots equal 12.86 Metres per second (25kn = 12.86m/s)

How many are 30 Knots in Metres per second?

30 Knots equal 15.43 Metres per second (30kn = 15.43m/s)

How many are 50 Knots in Metres per second?

50 Knots equal 25.72 Metres per second (50kn = 25.72m/s)

How many are 100 Knots in Metres per second?

100 Knots equal 51.44 Metres per second (100kn = 51.44m/s)

How many are 200 Knots in Metres per second?

200 Knots equal 102.89 Metres per second (200kn = 102.89m/s)

How many are 500 Knots in Metres per second?

500 Knots equal 257.22 Metres per second (500kn = 257.22m/s)

How many are 1000 Knots in Metres per second?

1000 Knots equal 514.44 Metres per second (1000kn = 514.44m/s)
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