Convert Kelvin to Rankine

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Convert Kelvin to Rankine


The temperature measurement units of kelvin and rankine and very similar as both were discovered by Glaswegian engineers and physicists. The Rankine scale and Kelvin scale both use 0 on their scales to signify the absolute zero of all thermal motion. The difference between the two is that rankine units are based upon degrees Fahrenheit while kelvin is based upon degrees Celsius. Above you will find our kelvin – rankine converter and view our other temperature converters.

How to use the Converter Kelvin to Rankine?

Simple to use, enter the amount of units of kelvin you want to change into the box above for our K – R conversion tool to get going. Click “convert” and view the new quantity in rankine. If you need the opposite conversion, go to convert rankine to kelvin.

Formula to Convert K – °R

The mathematical formula for this conversion is shown in the equation below and is the same formula used by the converter of kelvin to rankine. As a few examples, 4 K = 7.2 °R and 13 K = 23.4 °R

[number of] kelvin x (9/5) = [number of] rankine

When to use Kelvin?

The unit of kelvin is not a type of degree but instead is a unit of measurement mostly used within the scientific field, showing a difference between it and the likes of Celsius and Fahrenheit. The Kelvin scale was created when Glaswegian engineer and physicist, William Thomson, wrote about an absolute thermometric scale. Above you will be able to convert k to °r.

When to use Rankine?

Absolute zero on the Rankine scale is also defined as 0 on the Kelvin scale, however units of rankine are related to degrees of Fahrenheit unlike kelvin that are related to Celsius. William Rankine, a Glaswegian engineer and physicist, proposed the Rankine scale in 1859. Use our kelvin – rankine calculator above.

How much is 1 Kelvin degrees in Rankine degrees?

1 Kelvin degrees equal to 1.8 Rankine degrees (1K = 1.8°R)

How much are 2 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

2 Kelvin degrees equal to 3.6 Rankine degrees (2K = 3.6°R)

How much are 3 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

3 Kelvin degrees equal to 5.4 Rankine degrees (3K = 5.4°R)

How much are 4 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

4 Kelvin degrees equal to 7.2 Rankine degrees (4K = 7.2°R)

How much are 5 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

5 Kelvin degrees equal to 9 Rankine degrees (5K = 9°R)

How much are 10 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

10 Kelvin degrees equal to 18 Rankine degrees (10K = 18°R)

How much are 15 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

15 Kelvin degrees equal to 27 Rankine degrees (15K = 27°R)

How much are 20 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

20 Kelvin degrees equal to 36 Rankine degrees (20K = 36°R)

How much are 25 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

25 Kelvin degrees equal to 45 Rankine degrees (25K = 45°R)

How much are 30 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

30 Kelvin degrees equal to 54 Rankine degrees (30K = 54°R)

How much are 50 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

50 Kelvin degrees equal to 90 Rankine degrees (50K = 90°R)

How much are 100 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

100 Kelvin degrees equal to 180 Rankine degrees (100K = 180°R)

How much are 200 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

200 Kelvin degrees equal to 360 Rankine degrees (200K = 360°R)

How much are 500 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

500 Kelvin degrees equal to 900 Rankine degrees (500K = 900°R)

How much are 1000 Kelvin degrees en Rankine degrees?

1000 Kelvin degrees equal to 1800 Rankine degrees (1000K = 1800°R)
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