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Changing from metres cubed to barrels? If you’re having trouble, use our accurate and simple cubic metres to barrels converter! More volume converters here.

Conversion Cubic Metres - Barrels

Convert Barrels to Cubic Metres

Cubic metres are slightly larger than barrels, and are used more formally as barrels are most popularly used for measuring beers and ales. Cubic metres and barrels are both quite large quantities of liquid capacity that are used in trading to measure both fluid and dry products. View our other volume converters and use this cubic metre to barrel converter for volume calculations.

How to use the Converter from Metres Cubed to Barrels?

Once you know the quantity of cubic metres you need to convert, enter it into the box above and click “convert” to get a rapid response from our m³ – bbl calculator that will give your new quantity in barrels. The opposite conversion would be to convert barrels to cubic metres.

Formula to Convert m³ – bbl

In mathematical terms, the equation for this metre cubed to barrel conversion is shown below should you need to know it or simply for general interest. A few examples would be that 13 m³ = 109 bbl and 47 m³ = 394 bbl

[number of] cubic metres / 0.119240471 = [number of] barrels

Uses for Cubic Metres

Products such as water and wood are commonly measured in cubic metres for trading purposes as they are usually sold in large quantities. One metre cubed of concrete represents the world annual production of concrete per inhabitant. The cubic metre can be subdivided into the cubic centimetre and cubic millimetre as well as being multiplied into the cubic decametre. Use our cubic metre – barrel calculator.

Uses for Barrels

In the United States beer barrels are more commonly known as kegs, with the unit of barrels being a more official way of defining the volume. Barrels are a measurement of volume used for trading beer and oil, although, they can also be used for measuring dry quantities. Try out our metres cubed to barrels converter.


How much is 1 Cubic Metre in Barrels?

1 Cubic Metre equal to 8.39 Barrels (1m3 = 8.39bbl)

How much are 2 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

2 Cubic Metres equal to 16.77 Barrels (2m3 = 16.77bbl)

How much are 3 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

3 Cubic Metres equal to 25.16 Barrels (3m3 = 25.16bbl)

How much are 4 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

4 Cubic Metres equal to 33.55 Barrels (4m3 = 33.55bbl)

How much are 5 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

5 Cubic Metres equal to 41.93 Barrels (5m3 = 41.93bbl)

How much are 10 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

10 Cubic Metres equal to 83.86 Barrels (10m3 = 83.86bbl)

How much are 15 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

15 Cubic Metres equal to 125.8 Barrels (15m3 = 125.8bbl)

How much are 20 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

20 Cubic Metres equal to 167.73 Barrels (20m3 = 167.73bbl)

How much are 25 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

25 Cubic Metres equal to 209.66 Barrels (25m3 = 209.66bbl)

How much are 30 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

30 Cubic Metres equal to 251.59 Barrels (30m3 = 251.59bbl)

How much are 50 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

50 Cubic Metres equal to 419.32 Barrels (50m3 = 419.32bbl)

How much are 100 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

100 Cubic Metres equal to 838.64 Barrels (100m3 = 838.64bbl)

How much are 200 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

200 Cubic Metres equal to 1677.28 Barrels (200m3 = 1677.28bbl)

How much are 500 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

500 Cubic Metres equal to 4193.21 Barrels (500m3 = 4193.21bbl)

How much are 1000 Cubic Metres in Barrels?

1000 Cubic Metres equal to 8386.41 Barrels (1000m3 = 8386.41bbl)
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