Convert Stones to Kilos

Looking to convert from stones to kilos? Use this easy and simple weight converter to calculate the difference for you! Click here for more unit conversions

Conversion Stones - Kilograms

Convert Kilograms to Stones

Body weight can be measured by both these units of mass, stones and kilograms, as they are generally used to measure heavier weighted objects as opposed to everyday items. More weight converters are also available other than this easy and simple to use stone to kilo converter.

How to Convert st to kg?

Insert the quantity of stones you would like to change in the box above and click ¨convert¨ for the conversion to appear in kilograms. Our weight converter gives you the most accurate st to kg conversion. For the opposite conversion, use the calculator to convert kilos to stones.

Formula to Convert Stones – Kilograms

The method of conversion for these two units is as follows, st / 0.157473 = kg for the most accurate conversion. You can use our free st to kg calculator above. For example, 3st = 19.05kg and 15st = 95.25kg.

Measurements in Stones

Stones are commonly used to measure human weight in Great Britain but are sometimes also used in trade. It is a unit of mass from the imperial system that is applied to heavier objects. When changing this unit, try out our stone – kilogram converter.

Measurements in Kilograms

The unit of mass, kgs, are used to measure weighted objects that can be lifted by people. For example, body weight is sometimes measured in kilograms as well as food and everyday items such as books. Above is our st – kg calculator for any conversion you need.

How much is 1 Stone in Kilograms?

1 Stone equal to 6.35 Kilograms (1st = 6.35kg)

How much are 2 Stones in Kilograms?

2 Stones equal to 12.7 Kilograms (2st = 12.7kg)

How much are 3 Stones in Kilograms?

3 Stones equal to 19.05 Kilograms (3st = 19.05kg)

How much are 4 Stones in Kilograms?

4 Stones equal to 25.4 Kilograms (4st = 25.4kg)

How much are 5 Stones in Kilograms?

5 Stones equal to 31.75 Kilograms (5st = 31.75kg)

How much are 10 Stones in Kilograms?

10 Stones equal to 63.5 Kilograms (10st = 63.5kg)

How much are 15 Stones in Kilograms?

15 Stones equal to 95.25 Kilograms (15st = 95.25kg)

How much are 20 Stones in Kilograms?

20 Stones equal to 127.01 Kilograms (20st = 127.01kg)

How much are 25 Stones in Kilograms?

25 Stones equal to 158.76 Kilograms (25st = 158.76kg)

How much are 30 Stones in Kilograms?

30 Stones equal to 190.51 Kilograms (30st = 190.51kg)

How much are 50 Stones in Kilograms?

50 Stones equal to 317.51 Kilograms (50st = 317.51kg)

How much are 100 Stones in Kilograms?

100 Stones equal to 635.03 Kilograms (100st = 635.03kg)

How much are 200 Stones in Kilograms?

200 Stones equal to 1270.06 Kilograms (200st = 1270.06kg)

How much are 500 Stones in Kilograms?

500 Stones equal to 3175.15 Kilograms (500st = 3175.15kg)

How much are 1000 Stones in Kilograms?

1000 Stones equal to 6350.29 Kilograms (1000st = 6350.29kg)
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