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Use our online converter for square yards to acres as it is never easy doing complicated calculations in your head! Simple, accurate and many more here.

Conversion Square Yard - Acres

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Conversor de Acres to Square Yard

As two units of area, square yards and acres are on the opposite side of the scale with square yards being the smaller unit and acres the larger. Both measurements are used mainly when it comes to calculating the size of land, square yards can be used when it comes to houses and acres when it comes to larger p`lots. Try using our square yards – acres calculator for your conversion needs, or take a look at the rest of our area converters.

How to use the Converter for Square Yards to Acres?

Enter in the box above the quantity of square yards you want to change and click “convert” for our yd² – acre converter to give you the equivalent quantity in acres. The opposite conversion will use the calculator to convert acres to square yards.

Formula for Converting Yd² – Acres

Whether you need to do this calculation by hand, or for general knowledge, the formula used for the square yd to acre conversion is shown below. For example, 8 sq yd = 0.0017 acre and 60 sq yd = 0.012 acre.

[number of] square yards / 4840 = [number of] acres

Unit of Square Yards

Square yards are considered a smaller unit of area, generally used to measure more everyday objects and areas such as floor space or carpets. They have recently been replaced by most of the English-speaking world to the use of square metres. Use our square yard – acre calculator above to change between the two.

Unit of Acres

The unit of area known as acres is one of the larger measurements and most used when it comes to measuring land. The Middle Ages introduced us to this unit when it was a measurement of land that could be ploughed in one day. An American football field is said to almost be one acre in size. Use this converter for square yd to ac above for any conversion.


How many is 1 Square Yard in Acres?

1 Square Yard equals 0 Acres (1sq yd = 0ac)

How many are 50 Square Yard in Acres?

50 Square Yard equal 0.01 Acres (50sq yd = 0.01ac)

How many are 100 Square Yard in Acres?

100 Square Yard equal 0.02 Acres (100sq yd = 0.02ac)

How many are 200 Square Yard in Acres?

200 Square Yard equal 0.04 Acres (200sq yd = 0.04ac)

How many are 500 Square Yard in Acres?

500 Square Yard equal 0.1 Acres (500sq yd = 0.1ac)

How many are 1000 Square Yard in Acres?

1000 Square Yard equal 0.21 Acres (1000sq yd = 0.21ac)

How many are 5000 Square Yard in Acres?

5000 Square Yard equal 1.03 Acres (5000sq yd = 1.03ac)

How many are 10000 Square Yard in Acres?

10000 Square Yard equal 2.07 Acres (10000sq yd = 2.07ac)

How many are 20000 Square Yard in Acres?

20000 Square Yard equal 4.13 Acres (20000sq yd = 4.13ac)

How many are 40000 Square Yard in Acres?

40000 Square Yard equal 8.26 Acres (40000sq yd = 8.26ac)

How many are 50000 Square Yard in Acres?

50000 Square Yard equal 10.33 Acres (50000sq yd = 10.33ac)

How many are 100000 Square Yard in Acres?

100000 Square Yard equal 20.66 Acres (100000sq yd = 20.66ac)
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