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Conversion Square Feet - Acres

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Conversor de Acres to Square Feet

Area and square feet are units for area that are most commonly used to measure large areas of land, football fields or houses although the acre is one of the largest area units. These two unit measurements are common in the USA and UK as well as other parts in the worls. To convert between many other different units of area, have a look at the rest of our area converters.

How to use the Converter for Square Feet to Acres?

If you want to use this ft² to area converter then simply enter in the box above the amount of square feet you wish to convert. After clicking the “convert” button, a new quantity will appear in acres. For the opposite conversion, go to convert acres to square feet.

Formula to Convert Square Feet – Acres

When doing this square foot – acre conversion by hand, you might want the mathematical formula that we have provided you below. This is what is used by our online converter of area. For example, 22 square feet = 0.0005 acres and 75 square feet = 0.0017 acres.

[number of] square feet / 43,560 = [number of] acres 

Unit of Square Feet

Square feet are mainly used in the UK and USA in the fields of work like interior design, architecture and real estate to help evaluate the size of rooms and buildings. It is seen as a good medium measurement, not used for tiny areas and not used for extremely large areas. Try out our converter of sq ft – ac for area calculations.

Unit of Acres

The unit of area known as acres is one of the largest measurements and most commonly used when it comes to measuring land. An American football field is said to almost be one acre in size. The Middle Ages introduced us to this unit when it was a measurement of land that could be ploughed in one day. Use this square feet to acres calculator above for any conversion.

How many is 1 Square Foot in Acres?

1 Square Foot equals 0 Acres (1sq ft = 0ac)

How many are 50 Square Feet in Acres?

50 Square Feet equal 0 Acres (50sq ft = 0ac)

How many are 100 Square Feet in Acres?

100 Square Feet equal 0 Acres (100sq ft = 0ac)

How many are 500 Square Feet in Acres?

500 Square Feet equal 0.01 Acres (500sq ft = 0.01ac)

How many are 1000 Square Feet in Acres?

1000 Square Feet equal 0.02 Acres (1000sq ft = 0.02ac)

How many are 10000 Square Feet in Acres?

10000 Square Feet equal 0.23 Acres (10000sq ft = 0.23ac)

How many are 50000 Square Feet in Acres?

50000 Square Feet equal 1.15 Acres (50000sq ft = 1.15ac)

How many are 100000 Square Feet in Acres?

100000 Square Feet equal 2.3 Acres (100000sq ft = 2.3ac)

How many are 200000 Square Feet in Acres?

200000 Square Feet equal 4.59 Acres (200000sq ft = 4.59ac)

How many are 500000 Square Feet in Acres?

500000 Square Feet equal 11.48 Acres (500000sq ft = 11.48ac)

How many are 1000000 Square Feet in Acres?

1000000 Square Feet equal 22.96 Acres (1000000sq ft = 22.96ac)
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