Convert Feet to Centimeters

Looking for a calculator for feet to centimeters? This length converter is easy to use and provides accurate conversions. Click here for more converters!

Conversion Feet - Centimeters

Conversor de Centimeters to Feet

Centimeters and feet are both common measurements for everyday calculations and both are used in determining height. As they are neither extremely large or small units of length, they are common and popular. Use this ft – cm calculator or view some of our other length converters.

How to Convert from ft to cm?

Our accurate length converter will change any quantity you enter in the box above from feet to centimeters. For the oppostive conversion, use our calculator to convert centimeters to feet. This feet to centimeter converter is accurate and very simple to use.

Formula to Convert Feet – Centimeters

The correct conversion formula to change ft to cm is ft / 0.0328084 = cm and this is the formula used by our length converter above. For instance, 2ft = 61cm and 20ft = 609.6cm.

Measurements in ft

Another unit of length, feet are commonly used in the imperial system of the USA instead of the meter. It is used elsewhere, such as the UK, also as a measurement of height. Have a look above at our feet – centimeter calculator to help with any conversion.

Measurements in cm

The centimeter is a unit of length in the metric system; a subunit of the meter. It is used in everyday measurements as it measures small lengths and is commonly used as a unit of height. Check out the ft to cm conversion tool above for your calculations.

How many is 1 Foot in Centimeters?

1 Foot equals 30.48 Centimeters (1ft = 30.48cm)

How many are 2 Feet in Centimeters?

2 Feet equal 60.96 Centimeters (2ft = 60.96cm)

How many are 3 Feet in Centimeters?

3 Feet equal 91.44 Centimeters (3ft = 91.44cm)

How many are 4 Feet in Centimeters?

4 Feet equal 121.92 Centimeters (4ft = 121.92cm)

How many are 5 Feet in Centimeters?

5 Feet equal 152.4 Centimeters (5ft = 152.4cm)

How many are 10 Feet in Centimeters?

10 Feet equal 304.8 Centimeters (10ft = 304.8cm)

How many are 15 Feet in Centimeters?

15 Feet equal 457.2 Centimeters (15ft = 457.2cm)

How many are 20 Feet in Centimeters?

20 Feet equal 609.6 Centimeters (20ft = 609.6cm)

How many are 25 Feet in Centimeters?

25 Feet equal 762 Centimeters (25ft = 762cm)

How many are 30 Feet in Centimeters?

30 Feet equal 914.4 Centimeters (30ft = 914.4cm)

How many are 50 Feet in Centimeters?

50 Feet equal 1524 Centimeters (50ft = 1524cm)

How many are 100 Feet in Centimeters?

100 Feet equal 3048 Centimeters (100ft = 3048cm)

How many are 200 Feet in Centimeters?

200 Feet equal 6096 Centimeters (200ft = 6096cm)

How many are 500 Feet in Centimeters?

500 Feet equal 15240 Centimeters (500ft = 15240cm)

How many are 1000 Feet in Centimeters?

1000 Feet equal 30480 Centimeters (1000ft = 30480cm)
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