Convert Kilometers to Miles

If you are trying to calculate the difference between kilometers and miles, click for our length converter! Easy and simple to use with accurate conversions.

Conversion Kilometers - Miles

Conversor de Miles to Kilometers

Both used to measure distance and speed, kilometers and miles are common units used in our everyday language. They are used as units of length for larger distances. View our other length converters for more online conversions. The km to mi converter above is very accurate and easy to use for any conversion you need.

How to Convert from km to mi?

Simply enter the quantity of kilometers you would like to convert in the box above, the kilometer – mile calculator, and click ¨convert¨ to be given an accurate conversion into miles. To work the opposite way, use our calculator to convert miles to kilometers.

Formula to Convert Kilometers – Miles

For this calculation, the conversion formula to change from kilometers to miles is km x 0.62137 = mi and is the same formula used by our conversion calculator. For example, 5km = 3.11mi and 20km = 12.43mi.

Measurements in km

Within the metric length scale, kilometer is the largest measurement that divides further into meters, centimeters and millimeters. It is used for measuring long distances and speed. Above is our km – mi calculator for converting between the two measurements, for instance if you need to figure out speed limits in both quantities.

Measurements in mi

Miles are most commonly used a measurement of large distances between cities or countries. It is also used for measuring speed in many countries. It is sometimes used to colloquially refer to shorter distances that may seem long. Use this kilometers to miles conversion tool when you need to change units.


How many is 1 Kilometer in Miles?

1 Kilometer equals 0.62 Miles (1km = 0.62mi)

How many are 2 Kilometers in Miles?

2 Kilometers equal 1.24 Miles (2km = 1.24mi)

How many are 3 Kilometers in Miles?

3 Kilometers equal 1.86 Miles (3km = 1.86mi)

How many are 4 Kilometers in Miles?

4 Kilometers equal 2.49 Miles (4km = 2.49mi)

How many are 5 Kilometers in Miles?

5 Kilometers equal 3.11 Miles (5km = 3.11mi)

How many are 10 Kilometers in Miles?

10 Kilometers equal 6.21 Miles (10km = 6.21mi)

How many are 15 Kilometers in Miles?

15 Kilometers equal 9.32 Miles (15km = 9.32mi)

How many are 20 Kilometers in Miles?

20 Kilometers equal 12.43 Miles (20km = 12.43mi)

How many are 25 Kilometers in Miles?

25 Kilometers equal 15.53 Miles (25km = 15.53mi)

How many are 30 Kilometers in Miles?

30 Kilometers equal 18.64 Miles (30km = 18.64mi)

How many are 50 Kilometers in Miles?

50 Kilometers equal 31.07 Miles (50km = 31.07mi)

How many are 100 Kilometers in Miles?

100 Kilometers equal 62.14 Miles (100km = 62.14mi)

How many are 200 Kilometers in Miles?

200 Kilometers equal 124.27 Miles (200km = 124.27mi)

How many are 500 Kilometers in Miles?

500 Kilometers equal 310.69 Miles (500km = 310.69mi)

How many are 1000 Kilometers in Miles?

1000 Kilometers equal 621.37 Miles (1000km = 621.37mi)
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