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Want to convert from feet to inches? Click here for an accurate and easy to use length converter for any type on conversion. More calculators available!

Conversion Feet - Inches

Conversor de Inches to Feet

As measurements of height, these two units of inches and feet are usually used together. Inches are considered a smaller unit that is classed under the larger unit of length, feet. Use this foot – inch converter for accurate calculations. For more length converters visit our main page.

How to Convert from ft to in?

To convert between these to units of length, in the box above enter the amount of feet you wish to calculate and click ¨convert¨ to get the answer in inches. Our feet – inches calculator is simple to use and will provide quick calculations. If you want to work the other way then use our calculator to convert inches to feet.

Formula to Convert Feet – Inches

The conversion formula for this specific calculation is as follows, ft / 0.083333 = in and this is the same method used by our online calculator for feet to inches. For instance, 2ft = 24in and 15ft = 180in.

Measurements in ft

Another unit of length, feet are commonly used in the imperial system of the USA instead of the meter. It is used elsewhere, such as the UK, also as a measurement of height. Above you will find our ft to in conversion tool for changes in measurement between these two units.

Measurements in in

Inches are used for many things such as measuring height, to object length and size. As a smaller unit of length, it can be used in everyday situations such as on the news when discussing rainfall/percipitation. Try out our ft – in converter above for any conversions you might need.

How many is 1 Foot in Inches?

1 Foot equals 12 Inches (1ft = 12in)

How many are 2 Feet in Inches?

2 Feet equal 24 Inches (2ft = 24in)

How many are 3 Feet in Inches?

3 Feet equal 36 Inches (3ft = 36in)

How many are 4 Feet in Inches?

4 Feet equal 48 Inches (4ft = 48in)

How many are 5 Feet in Inches?

5 Feet equal 60 Inches (5ft = 60in)

How many are 10 Feet in Inches?

10 Feet equal 120 Inches (10ft = 120in)

How many are 15 Feet in Inches?

15 Feet equal 180 Inches (15ft = 180in)

How many are 20 Feet in Inches?

20 Feet equal 240 Inches (20ft = 240in)

How many are 25 Feet in Inches?

25 Feet equal 300 Inches (25ft = 300in)

How many are 30 Feet in Inches?

30 Feet equal 360 Inches (30ft = 360in)

How many are 50 Feet in Inches?

50 Feet equal 600 Inches (50ft = 600in)

How many are 100 Feet in Inches?

100 Feet equal 1200 Inches (100ft = 1200in)

How many are 200 Feet in Inches?

200 Feet equal 2400 Inches (200ft = 2400in)

How many are 500 Feet in Inches?

500 Feet equal 6000 Inches (500ft = 6000in)

How many are 1000 Feet in Inches?

1000 Feet equal 12000 Inches (1000ft = 12000in)
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