Convert Centimeters to Yards

Converting from centimeters to yards? Use this simple and easy length converter for your calculations! Our accurate conversions will help in any situation.

Conversion Centimeters - Yards

Conversor de Yards to Centimeters

Yards and centimeters are quite different from each other and their purposes differ with yards being used for large distances and centimeters for small, everyday measurements. Use this centimeter – yard converter for calculations to and from these two units of measurement. Have a look at our other length converters for more unit conversions.

How to Convert from cm to yd?

To make a unit conversion, enter the amount of centimeters in the box above that you want to change into yards and click ¨convert¨ for the new quantity to appear. Our cm to yd calculator uses an accurate formula to give you the best conversion quantities. If you want to work the other way, use the calculator to convert yards to centimeters.

Formula to Convert Centimeters – Yards

When changing between these two units, the conversion formula to help you is cm x 0.010936 = yd and is the same formula used automatically by our online converter. As some examples, 10cm = 0.11yd and 50cm = 0.55yd.

Measurements in cm

The centimeter is a unit of length in the metric system; a subunit of the meter. It is used in everyday measurements as it measures small lengths and is commonly used as a unit of height. Above you can try out our cm to yd converter when you need a measurement in a smaller unit.

Measurements in yd

The yard is a unit of length used in road signs and sports fields to measure distance. It can also be used as a measure of area when describing large plots of land. It is mainly used in the UK and USA with some use also in Australia and Canada. The centimeter to yard conversion above will help you for changing yards.


How many is 1 Centimeter in Yards?

1 Centimeter equals 0.01 Yards (1cm = 0.01yd)

How many are 2 Centimeters in Yards?

2 Centimeters equal 0.02 Yards (2cm = 0.02yd)

How many are 3 Centimeters in Yards?

3 Centimeters equal 0.03 Yards (3cm = 0.03yd)

How many are 4 Centimeters in Yards?

4 Centimeters equal 0.04 Yards (4cm = 0.04yd)

How many are 5 Centimeters in Yards?

5 Centimeters equal 0.05 Yards (5cm = 0.05yd)

How many are 10 Centimeters in Yards?

10 Centimeters equal 0.11 Yards (10cm = 0.11yd)

How many are 15 Centimeters in Yards?

15 Centimeters equal 0.16 Yards (15cm = 0.16yd)

How many are 20 Centimeters in Yards?

20 Centimeters equal 0.22 Yards (20cm = 0.22yd)

How many are 25 Centimeters in Yards?

25 Centimeters equal 0.27 Yards (25cm = 0.27yd)

How many are 30 Centimeters in Yards?

30 Centimeters equal 0.33 Yards (30cm = 0.33yd)

How many are 50 Centimeters in Yards?

50 Centimeters equal 0.55 Yards (50cm = 0.55yd)

How many are 100 Centimeters in Yards?

100 Centimeters equal 1.09 Yards (100cm = 1.09yd)

How many are 200 Centimeters in Yards?

200 Centimeters equal 2.19 Yards (200cm = 2.19yd)

How many are 500 Centimeters in Yards?

500 Centimeters equal 5.47 Yards (500cm = 5.47yd)

How many are 1000 Centimeters in Yards?

1000 Centimeters equal 10.94 Yards (1000cm = 10.94yd)
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