Convert Kilometers to Meters

Converting kilometers to meters could never be simpler with our accurate length converter! Click here to use our km to m calculator for your conversions.

Conversion Kilometers - Meters

Conversor de Meters to Kilometers

Meters and kilometers both belong to the metric length scale, with these two units of measurement being on the larger side. Despite this, there is a difference to when they are used as kilometers are needed for substantially larger distances than meters. Check out our other length converters for more unit conversions.

How to Convert from km to m?

To find out your result in meters, simply enter in the box above the amount of kilometers you wish to calculate and click ¨convert¨. Our length calculators are accurate and simple to use so try out the km Рm converter above. If you want to calculate the opposite way, go to convert meters to kilometers.

Formula to Convert Kilometers – Meters

The conversion formula for this exchange in units of measurements is km x 1000 = m and is an accurate formula that is used by this online calculator. For example, 5km = 5000m and 45km = 45000m.

Measurements in km

Within the metric length scale, kilometer is the largest measurement that divides further into meters, centimeters and millimeters. It is used for measuring long distances and speed. You can use our km to m conversion tool above to change between these units.

Measurements in m

This unit of length is used when measuring houses, height or slightly bigger everyday objects. Meters can be subdivided into centimeters or millimeters, and are also multiplied to produce kilometers. Use the kilometer – meter calculator for any conversion between these measurements.

How many is 1 Kilometer in Meters?

1 Kilometer equals 1000 Meters (1km = 1000m)

How many are 2 Kilometers in Meters?

2 Kilometers equal 2000 Meters (2km = 2000m)

How many are 3 Kilometers in Meters?

3 Kilometers equal 3000 Meters (3km = 3000m)

How many are 4 Kilometers in Meters?

4 Kilometers equal 4000 Meters (4km = 4000m)

How many are 5 Kilometers in Meters?

5 Kilometers equal 5000 Meters (5km = 5000m)

How many are 10 Kilometers in Meters?

10 Kilometers equal 10000 Meters (10km = 10000m)

How many are 15 Kilometers in Meters?

15 Kilometers equal 15000 Meters (15km = 15000m)

How many are 20 Kilometers in Meters?

20 Kilometers equal 20000 Meters (20km = 20000m)

How many are 25 Kilometers in Meters?

25 Kilometers equal 25000 Meters (25km = 25000m)

How many are 30 Kilometers in Meters?

30 Kilometers equal 30000 Meters (30km = 30000m)

How many are 50 Kilometers in Meters?

50 Kilometers equal 50000 Meters (50km = 50000m)

How many are 100 Kilometers in Meters?

100 Kilometers equal 100000 Meters (100km = 100000m)

How many are 200 Kilometers in Meters?

200 Kilometers equal 200000 Meters (200km = 200000m)

How many are 500 Kilometers in Meters?

500 Kilometers equal 500000 Meters (500km = 500000m)

How many are 1000 Kilometers in Meters?

1000 Kilometers equal 1000000 Meters (1000km = 1000000m)
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