Convert Meters to Yards

Looking to convert from meters to yards? Use this simple length converter to calculate different quantities of the two units. More conversions available!

Conversion Meters - Yards

Conversor de Yards to Meters

A common use for the yard and meter is when measuring larger plots of land, such as length and width. It could be seen that yard is used more for larger distances than meters. Use this meter – yard converter when changing between the two units. View our other length converters.

How to Convert from m to yd?

In the box above, enter the quantity of meters you would like to change and click ¨convert¨ for the result to appear in the equal amount of yards. Our m to yd converter is simple and accurate to use! For the opposite calculation, go to convert yards to meters.

Formula to Convert Meters – Yards

When doing this calculation manually, the formula of conversion that you need to use is m x 1.0936 = yd and this is the same formula used by the online calculator. For instance, 3m = 3.28yd and 15m = 16.4yd.

Measurements in m

This unit of length is used when measuring houses, height or slightly bigger everyday objects. Meters can be subdivided into centimeters or millimeters, and are also multiplied to produce kilometers. Above is a meter to yard conversion tool which you can use if you need to swap between units or for different measurement purposes.

Measurements in yd

The yard is a unit of length used in road signs and sports fields to measure distance. It can also be used as a measure of area when describing large plots of land. It is mainly used in the UK and USA with some use also in Australia and Canada. The m – yd calculator is useful when converting quantities into yards.

How many is 1 Meter in Yards?

1 Meter equals 1.09 Yards (1m = 1.09yd)

How many are 2 Meters in Yards?

2 Meters equal 2.19 Yards (2m = 2.19yd)

How many are 3 Meters in Yards?

3 Meters equal 3.28 Yards (3m = 3.28yd)

How many are 4 Meters in Yards?

4 Meters equal 4.37 Yards (4m = 4.37yd)

How many are 5 Meters in Yards?

5 Meters equal 5.47 Yards (5m = 5.47yd)

How many are 10 Meters in Yards?

10 Meters equal 10.94 Yards (10m = 10.94yd)

How many are 15 Meters in Yards?

15 Meters equal 16.4 Yards (15m = 16.4yd)

How many are 20 Meters in Yards?

20 Meters equal 21.87 Yards (20m = 21.87yd)

How many are 25 Meters in Yards?

25 Meters equal 27.34 Yards (25m = 27.34yd)

How many are 30 Meters in Yards?

30 Meters equal 32.81 Yards (30m = 32.81yd)

How many are 50 Meters in Yards?

50 Meters equal 54.68 Yards (50m = 54.68yd)

How many are 100 Meters in Yards?

100 Meters equal 109.36 Yards (100m = 109.36yd)

How many are 200 Meters in Yards?

200 Meters equal 218.72 Yards (200m = 218.72yd)

How many are 500 Meters in Yards?

500 Meters equal 546.81 Yards (500m = 546.81yd)

How many are 1000 Meters in Yards?

1000 Meters equal 1093.61 Yards (1000m = 1093.61yd)
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