Convert Days to Weeks

Want to change units of time between days and weeks? This is the perfect online calculator for you to convert days into weeks. More converters available!

Conversion Days - Weeks

Conversor de Weeks to Days

In calendars, and all around us everyday, we use the measurements of days and weeks to document time and organise our lives. As two everyday units of time, it is important we know how to work with them both. Days are used as a more immediate time frame while weeks can be used as both immediate and also to refer to a time further ahead in the future or further behind in the past. This days to weeks converter is just one of our many time converters available for you.

How to Convert from Days to Weeks?

In the box above, for a day to week conversion, enter the number of days you wish to change and click “convert” for it to be calculated into the accurate amount of weeks. If you want to convert the opposite way, see convert weeks to days.

Formula to Convert D – Wk

For a manual calculation of converting days – weeks then see the formula below which is used by our online calculator itself. It is an accurate and simple calculation should you want to do it yourself. For example 3ds = 0.429wks and 18ds = 2.57wks.

[number of] days / 7 = [number of] weeks

Using Days

Days is a measurement of time used to calculate shorter periods such as the days of the week or how many days old a young baby is. Days are divided into hours and multiplied into weeks. Above you will find our day to week converter available for your use.

Using Weeks

When calculating pregnancy, or timetables at work or school, the usual unit of time used would be weeks. Our yearly calendars use weeks as a way of dividing up the year. Weeks are split into days and multiplied into months which are all time measurements of the Gregorian calendar. Use this day – week calculator for your conversions.

How many is 1 Day in Weeks?

1 Day equals 0.14 Weeks (1d = 0.14wk)

How many are 2 Days in Weeks?

2 Days equal 0.29 Weeks (2d = 0.29wk)

How many are 3 Days in Weeks?

3 Days equal 0.43 Weeks (3d = 0.43wk)

How many are 4 Days in Weeks?

4 Days equal 0.57 Weeks (4d = 0.57wk)

How many are 5 Days in Weeks?

5 Days equal 0.71 Weeks (5d = 0.71wk)

How many are 10 Days in Weeks?

10 Days equal 1.43 Weeks (10d = 1.43wk)

How many are 15 Days in Weeks?

15 Days equal 2.14 Weeks (15d = 2.14wk)

How many are 20 Days in Weeks?

20 Days equal 2.86 Weeks (20d = 2.86wk)

How many are 25 Days in Weeks?

25 Days equal 3.57 Weeks (25d = 3.57wk)

How many are 30 Days in Weeks?

30 Days equal 4.29 Weeks (30d = 4.29wk)

How many are 50 Days in Weeks?

50 Days equal 7.14 Weeks (50d = 7.14wk)

How many are 100 Days in Weeks?

100 Days equal 14.29 Weeks (100d = 14.29wk)

How many are 200 Days in Weeks?

200 Days equal 28.57 Weeks (200d = 28.57wk)

How many are 500 Days in Weeks?

500 Days equal 71.43 Weeks (500d = 71.43wk)

How many are 1000 Days in Weeks?

1000 Days equal 142.86 Weeks (1000d = 142.86wk)
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