Convert Days to Seconds

Converting between days and seconds? These calculations can get confusing! Use our simple days to seconds converter for your time conversions. Try it now!

Conversion Days - Seconds

Conversor de Seconds to Days

Converting units of time such as seconds and days can end up giving you long numbers that are hard to keep track of. That’s why we recommend using our days to seconds converter above to make your life easier. These two time measurements are extreme sides of the scale as seconds are a very small measurement while days are much larger. Check out our other time converters.

How to Convert from Days to Seconds?

Simple, enter above in our days – seconds calculator the amount of days you wish to convert into seconds and click ¨convert¨. Our accurate and simple online converters give you the best result. For the opposite calculation, view our convert seconds to days tool.

Formula to Convert Days – Seconds

The correct mathematical calculation for changing from days to seconds is seen below. It is the same formula used by our converter days to seconds. For instance, 2 days = 172,800 and 15 days = 1,296,000.

[number of] days x 86,400 = [number of] seconds

Using Days

Days are a measurement of time used to calculate how time has passed on a larger scale that minutes and hours. Days are divided into hours and multiplied into weeks. Above you will find our day to second converter available for your use.

Using Seconds

The time unit of seconds is an accurate and smaller quantity used for specific timing requirements such as in sports or cooking. Seconds are divided into milliseconds and multiplied into minutes. This converter days to seconds is a handy tool.


How many is 1 Day in Seconds?

1 Day equals 86400 Seconds (1d = 86400sec)

How many are 2 Days in Seconds?

2 Days equal 172800 Seconds (2d = 172800sec)

How many are 3 Days in Seconds?

3 Days equal 259200 Seconds (3d = 259200sec)

How many are 4 Days in Seconds?

4 Days equal 345600 Seconds (4d = 345600sec)

How many are 5 Days in Seconds?

5 Days equal 432000 Seconds (5d = 432000sec)

How many are 10 Days in Seconds?

10 Days equal 864000 Seconds (10d = 864000sec)

How many are 15 Days in Seconds?

15 Days equal 1296000 Seconds (15d = 1296000sec)

How many are 20 Days in Seconds?

20 Days equal 1728000 Seconds (20d = 1728000sec)

How many are 25 Days in Seconds?

25 Days equal 2160000 Seconds (25d = 2160000sec)

How many are 30 Days in Seconds?

30 Days equal 2592000 Seconds (30d = 2592000sec)

How many are 50 Days in Seconds?

50 Days equal 4320000 Seconds (50d = 4320000sec)

How many are 100 Days in Seconds?

100 Days equal 8640000 Seconds (100d = 8640000sec)

How many are 200 Days in Seconds?

200 Days equal 17280000 Seconds (200d = 17280000sec)

How many are 500 Days in Seconds?

500 Days equal 43200000 Seconds (500d = 43200000sec)

How many are 1000 Days in Seconds?

1000 Days equal 86400000 Seconds (1000d = 86400000sec)
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