Convert Litres to Barrels

Looking to convert from units of litres to units of barrels? Our accurate litres to barrels converter can do this for you! Easy to use, with more available.

Conversion Litres - Barrels

Conversor de Barrels to Litres

Between these two volume units, litres are more commonly found for defining everyday volumes such as bottles of water or other drinks. Barrels are a much larger unit and are used to define larger amounts of liquid quantities. Barrels are not exclusively used for liquids but can be used to measure dry goods as well. Have a look at our L – bbl volume converter and the rest of our volume converters for conversion help.

How to use the Converter from Litres to Barrels?

Input the amount of litres that you want to change in the box and click “convert” for an accurate litre – barrel conversion that will give you the equivalent quantity in barrels. Convert barrels to litres if you need to work the other way around.

Formula to Convert L – bbl

To know exactly how our litres to barrels calculator works, we have provided the mathematical equation for the volume conversion below so you can do it by hand if you wish. For instance, 7 L = 0.0597 bbl and 102 L = 0.869 bbl

[number of] litres / 117.3477658 = [number of] barrels

Uses for Litres

Litres are a unit of volume that are easy to use for everyday capacities. They derived from the French metric system that used the unit of litrons. The litre is subdivided into millilitres which are another common measurements found on bottles of drinks; one litre is the capacity for a cube with sides of 10cm. Above is our litre to barrel calculator.

Uses for Barrels

Barrels are a measurement of volume used for trading beer and oil. In the United States beer barrels are more commonly known as kegs, with the unit of barrels being a more official way of defining the volume. Although, barrels can also be used for measuring dry quantities. Try out our litres – barrels converter.

How many is 1 Litre in Barrels?

1 Litre equals 0.01 Barrels (1L = 0.01bbl)

How many are 2 Litres in Barrels?

2 Litres equal 0.02 Barrels (2L = 0.02bbl)

How many are 3 Litres in Barrels?

3 Litres equal 0.03 Barrels (3L = 0.03bbl)

How many are 4 Litres in Barrels?

4 Litres equal 0.03 Barrels (4L = 0.03bbl)

How many are 5 Litres in Barrels?

5 Litres equal 0.04 Barrels (5L = 0.04bbl)

How many are 10 Litres in Barrels?

10 Litres equal 0.09 Barrels (10L = 0.09bbl)

How many are 15 Litres in Barrels?

15 Litres equal 0.13 Barrels (15L = 0.13bbl)

How many are 20 Litres in Barrels?

20 Litres equal 0.17 Barrels (20L = 0.17bbl)

How many are 25 Litres in Barrels?

25 Litres equal 0.21 Barrels (25L = 0.21bbl)

How many are 30 Litres in Barrels?

30 Litres equal 0.26 Barrels (30L = 0.26bbl)

How many are 50 Litres in Barrels?

50 Litres equal 0.43 Barrels (50L = 0.43bbl)

How many are 100 Litres in Barrels?

100 Litres equal 0.85 Barrels (100L = 0.85bbl)

How many are 200 Litres in Barrels?

200 Litres equal 1.7 Barrels (200L = 1.7bbl)

How many are 500 Litres in Barrels?

500 Litres equal 4.26 Barrels (500L = 4.26bbl)

How many are 1000 Litres in Barrels?

1000 Litres equal 8.52 Barrels (1000L = 8.52bbl)
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