Convert Barrels to US Gallons

Need to move from measurements in barrels to US gallons? Here is where you will find our barrels to gallons volume converter for accurate calculations!

Conversion Barrels - US Gallons

Conversor de US Gallons to Barrels

Both these units of volume, US gallons and barrels, can be used to measure drinks, beer, oil or even dry materials, although this is less common. They are found in commercial packaging information rather than being used in everyday situations. Above you will find our bbl – US gal calculator for your volume conversions. View our other volume converters too!

How to use the Converter from Barrels to US Gallons?

Insert the amount of barrels in the box above that you need to change into US gallons and click “convert” for our barrels to US gallons converter to give you the accurate equivalent. The opposite conversion would be to convert US gallons to barrels.

Formula to Convert bbl – US gal

Should you need to know the mathematical formula used by our barrel – gallon calculator, we have provided it below and it is the most accurate way to convert these two units. For example, 3 bbl = 94.5 US gal and 27 bbl = 850.5 US gal

[number of] barrels x 31.5 = [number of] US gallons 

Uses for Barrels

Beer and oil are usually traded using measurements of barrels as the volume. In the United States beer barrels are more commonly known as kegs, with the unit of barrels being a more official way of defining the volume, although it can also be used for measuring dry quantities. Above is our barrel – US gallon converter.

Uses for US Gallons

The US gallon is a lighter volume measurement than the imperial gallon. US gallons are most commonly used for measuring quantities of petrol. For trade purposes, the US gallon is usually defined with a temperature to account for liquid expansion and contraction. Use the bbl to US gal converter for your calculations.

How many is 1 Barrel in US Gallons?

1 Barrel equals 31.5 US Gallons (1bbl = 31.5US gal)

How many are 2 Barrels in US Gallons?

2 Barrels equal 63 US Gallons (2bbl = 63US gal)

How many are 3 Barrels in US Gallons?

3 Barrels equal 94.5 US Gallons (3bbl = 94.5US gal)

How many are 4 Barrels in US Gallons?

4 Barrels equal 126 US Gallons (4bbl = 126US gal)

How many are 5 Barrels in US Gallons?

5 Barrels equal 157.5 US Gallons (5bbl = 157.5US gal)

How many are 10 Barrels in US Gallons?

10 Barrels equal 315 US Gallons (10bbl = 315US gal)

How many are 15 Barrels in US Gallons?

15 Barrels equal 472.5 US Gallons (15bbl = 472.5US gal)

How many are 20 Barrels in US Gallons?

20 Barrels equal 630 US Gallons (20bbl = 630US gal)

How many are 25 Barrels in US Gallons?

25 Barrels equal 787.5 US Gallons (25bbl = 787.5US gal)

How many are 30 Barrels in US Gallons?

30 Barrels equal 945 US Gallons (30bbl = 945US gal)

How many are 50 Barrels in US Gallons?

50 Barrels equal 1575 US Gallons (50bbl = 1575US gal)

How many are 100 Barrels in US Gallons?

100 Barrels equal 3150 US Gallons (100bbl = 3150US gal)

How many are 200 Barrels in US Gallons?

200 Barrels equal 6300 US Gallons (200bbl = 6300US gal)

How many are 500 Barrels in US Gallons?

500 Barrels equal 15750 US Gallons (500bbl = 15750US gal)

How many are 1000 Barrels in US Gallons?

1000 Barrels equal 31500 US Gallons (1000bbl = 31500US gal)
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