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Want to know the difference between litres and US gallons? View our litre to US gallon volume converter and formula for any calculations you need to do!

Conversion Litres - US Gallons

Conversor de US Gallons to Litres

Measuring liquid capacities is most commonly done in litres and gallons as these are two popular units of volume measurement. The US gallon is very commonly used in America whilst the imperial gallon is found to be used in the UK. Litres are found as a measurement in most English-speaking countries, although it is spelt as “liter” by Americans. Use our litres – US gallons converter above or any of our other volume converters.

How to use the Converter from Litres to US Gallons?

In the box above, enter the quantity of litres you wish to change and click “convert” for the L to US gal converter to work through the conversion and give an accurate new quantity in US gallons. The opposite conversion would be to convert US gallons to litres.

Formula to Convert L – US Gal

To put this volume conversion litres to US gallons into mathematical terms, we have provided the formula below which you can use yourself or for reference. As some examples, 3 L = 0.79 US gal and 21 L = 5.55 US gal

[number of] litres x 0.264172 = [number of] US gallons

Uses for Litres

The volume unit of litres is easy to find for everyday capacities. For example, in the shops you will find drinks such as water and juices measured in bottles of litres. Litres derived from the French metric system and the unit of litrons. One litre is the capacity for a cube with sides of 10cm. Above is our litre to US gallon calculator.

Uses for US Gallons

The US gallon is a lighter volume measurement than the imperial gallon. For trade purposes, the US gallon is usually defined with a temperature to account for liquid expansion and contraction. US gallons are most commonly used for measuring quantities of petrol. Use the L to US Gal converter for your calculations.

How many is 1 Litre in US Gallons?

1 Litre equals 0.26 US Gallons (1L = 0.26US gal)

How many are 2 Litres in US Gallons?

2 Litres equal 0.53 US Gallons (2L = 0.53US gal)

How many are 3 Litres in US Gallons?

3 Litres equal 0.79 US Gallons (3L = 0.79US gal)

How many are 4 Litres in US Gallons?

4 Litres equal 1.06 US Gallons (4L = 1.06US gal)

How many are 5 Litres in US Gallons?

5 Litres equal 1.32 US Gallons (5L = 1.32US gal)

How many are 10 Litres in US Gallons?

10 Litres equal 2.64 US Gallons (10L = 2.64US gal)

How many are 15 Litres in US Gallons?

15 Litres equal 3.96 US Gallons (15L = 3.96US gal)

How many are 20 Litres in US Gallons?

20 Litres equal 5.28 US Gallons (20L = 5.28US gal)

How many are 25 Litres in US Gallons?

25 Litres equal 6.6 US Gallons (25L = 6.6US gal)

How many are 30 Litres in US Gallons?

30 Litres equal 7.93 US Gallons (30L = 7.93US gal)

How many are 50 Litres in US Gallons?

50 Litres equal 13.21 US Gallons (50L = 13.21US gal)

How many are 100 Litres in US Gallons?

100 Litres equal 26.42 US Gallons (100L = 26.42US gal)

How many are 200 Litres in US Gallons?

200 Litres equal 52.83 US Gallons (200L = 52.83US gal)

How many are 500 Litres in US Gallons?

500 Litres equal 132.09 US Gallons (500L = 132.09US gal)

How many are 1000 Litres in US Gallons?

1000 Litres equal 264.17 US Gallons (1000L = 264.17US gal)
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