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Looking to move from units of UK gallons to litres? This is a useful volume converter for changing imperial gallons into litres using an accurate formula!

Conversion UK Gallons - Litres

UK gal
Conversor de Litres to UK Gallons

The UK gallon and the litre are two of the most commonly used volume measurements. The UK gallon is also known as the imperial gallon and the litre is sometimes referred to as liter with it’s American spelling. Both units of volume can be used in everyday situations and are commonly seen on products in the supermarket. This is our UK gallon to litre converter for you to use for volume conversions, with many more volume converters available.

How to use the Converter from UK Gallons to Litres?

Enter the number of UK gallons you want to calculate into litres and click “convert” for our UK Gal – L calculator to make the accurate volume conversion. The opposite conversion would be using a calculator to convert litres to UK gallons.

Formula to Convert UK Gal – L

We are providing you with the mathematical formula for this gallon to litre conversion should you wish to do the calculation by hand or if you simply need to know it. For instance, 8 UK gal = 36.37 L and 55 UK gal = 250 L

[number of] UK gallons / 0.219969 = [number of] litres

Uses for UK Gallons

In advertising, product labelling and many other everyday situations, we use the UK gallon as a measurement of volume. Most commonly used in the UK and Ireland, it is also widely frequent in the rest of the world except of the United States where the US gallon is preferred. The gallon is a unit found in measuring quantities of fuel. View our UK gal – L converter above.

Uses for Litres

Litres are a unit of volume that are easy to use for everyday capacities. One litre is the capacity for a cube with sides of 10cm and they derived from the French metric system that used the unit of litrons. The litre is also subdivided into millilitres which are another common measurements found on bottles of drinks. Above is our UK gallon to litre calculator.

How many is 1 UK Gallon in Litres?

1 UK Gallon equals 4.55 Litres (1UK gal = 4.55L)

How many are 2 UK Gallons in Litres?

2 UK Gallons equal 9.09 Litres (2UK gal = 9.09L)

How many are 3 UK Gallons in Litres?

3 UK Gallons equal 13.64 Litres (3UK gal = 13.64L)

How many are 4 UK Gallons in Litres?

4 UK Gallons equal 18.18 Litres (4UK gal = 18.18L)

How many are 5 UK Gallons in Litres?

5 UK Gallons equal 22.73 Litres (5UK gal = 22.73L)

How many are 10 UK Gallons in Litres?

10 UK Gallons equal 45.46 Litres (10UK gal = 45.46L)

How many are 15 UK Gallons in Litres?

15 UK Gallons equal 68.19 Litres (15UK gal = 68.19L)

How many are 20 UK Gallons in Litres?

20 UK Gallons equal 90.92 Litres (20UK gal = 90.92L)

How many are 25 UK Gallons in Litres?

25 UK Gallons equal 113.65 Litres (25UK gal = 113.65L)

How many are 30 UK Gallons in Litres?

30 UK Gallons equal 136.38 Litres (30UK gal = 136.38L)

How many are 50 UK Gallons in Litres?

50 UK Gallons equal 227.3 Litres (50UK gal = 227.3L)

How many are 100 UK Gallons in Litres?

100 UK Gallons equal 454.61 Litres (100UK gal = 454.61L)

How many are 200 UK Gallons in Litres?

200 UK Gallons equal 909.22 Litres (200UK gal = 909.22L)

How many are 500 UK Gallons in Litres?

500 UK Gallons equal 2273.05 Litres (500UK gal = 2273.05L)

How many are 1000 UK Gallons in Litres?

1000 UK Gallons equal 4546.09 Litres (1000UK gal = 4546.09L)
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