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Click here for our online calculator that converts kilos to Newtons! This weight converter will accurately convert any quanitity. More converters available.

Conversion Kilograms - Newtons

Conversor de Newtons to Kilograms

The Newton is a unit of measurement most commonly used in physics and is named after Sir Isaac Newton due to his work. The kilogram is a measurement of weight used in the metric system. This weight converter kg – N will help you with your measurement conversions. View the rest of our weight converters calculators for more examples.

How to Convert from kg to N?

Enter the quantity of kilos you would like to convert into Newtons in the box above and click the ¨convert¨button to be given an accurate unit conversion. To convert the same weight measurements in the opposite way, use our convert Newtons to kilos. Our kilogram – newton calculator is easy to use for changing measurements.

Formula to Convert Kilograms – Newtons

To make a change between these two units of measurement, the formula to be used is kg x 9.807 = N which is the same conversion used automatically by the kg to N conversion calculator. As an example, 2kg = 19.6N and 5kg = 49N.

Measurements in Kilograms

The unit of mass, kgs, are used to measure weighted objects that can be lifted by people. For example, body weight is sometimes measured in kilograms as well as food and everyday items such as books. This kg to N converter will help you make that change.

Measurements in Newtons

Newtons are a unit of force that are mainly used in physics in relation to weight and mass. This measurement is used to see how much force a certain mass (e.g. your body or an apple) is applying. You can now easily convert Newtons with this converter for kilograms to Newtons.


Kilograms Newtons
1 kg 9.81 newtons
2 kg 19.61 newtons
3 kg 29.42 newtons
4 kg 39.23 newtons
5 kg 49.04 newtons
10 kg 98.07 newtons
15 kg 147.11 newtons
20 kg 196.14 newtons
25 kg 245.18 newtons
30 kg 294.21 newtons

How many is 1 Kilogram in Newtons?

1 Kilogram equals 9.81 Newtons (1kg = 9.81N)

How many are 2 Kilograms in Newtons?

2 Kilograms equal 19.61 Newtons (2kg = 19.61N)

How many are 3 Kilograms in Newtons?

3 Kilograms equal 29.42 Newtons (3kg = 29.42N)

How many are 4 Kilograms in Newtons?

4 Kilograms equal 39.23 Newtons (4kg = 39.23N)

How many are 5 Kilograms in Newtons?

5 Kilograms equal 49.04 Newtons (5kg = 49.04N)

How many are 10 Kilograms in Newtons?

10 Kilograms equal 98.07 Newtons (10kg = 98.07N)

How many are 15 Kilograms in Newtons?

15 Kilograms equal 147.11 Newtons (15kg = 147.11N)

How many are 20 Kilograms in Newtons?

20 Kilograms equal 196.14 Newtons (20kg = 196.14N)

How many are 25 Kilograms in Newtons?

25 Kilograms equal 245.18 Newtons (25kg = 245.18N)

How many are 30 Kilograms in Newtons?

30 Kilograms equal 294.21 Newtons (30kg = 294.21N)

How many are 50 Kilograms in Newtons?

50 Kilograms equal 490.35 Newtons (50kg = 490.35N)

How many are 100 Kilograms in Newtons?

100 Kilograms equal 980.7 Newtons (100kg = 980.7N)

How many are 200 Kilograms in Newtons?

200 Kilograms equal 1961.4 Newtons (200kg = 1961.4N)

How many are 500 Kilograms in Newtons?

500 Kilograms equal 4903.5 Newtons (500kg = 4903.5N)

How many are 1000 Kilograms in Newtons?

1000 Kilograms equal 9807 Newtons (1000kg = 9807N)
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