Convert Pounds to Kilos

To find out how many kilograms equal a certain amount of pounds, click here to use our easy weight converter calculator to give precise unit conversions.

Conversion pounds - kilograms

Conversor de kilograms to pounds

Kilograms are the main unit of weight within the metric system while pounds are used more commonly as a measure of weight in the imperial system. This weight converter lb to kg will help you to change quantities between the two measurements. Check out our other types of weight converter that you may need or use this pound – kilogram calculator.

How to Convert from lb to kg?

Our unit converter is simple and easy to use, just enter the quantity of pounds you need to change into kilos in the kg to lb converter above and click ¨convert¨. Using a precise and accurate calculator, the conversion will appear below. To convert the other way, use our convert kilos to pounds tool.

Formula to Convert from Pounds – Kilograms

To change from pounds to kilograms, the conversion formula is lb / 2.205 = kg and this is how our online calculator will convert the quantities for you. As an example, 5lb = 2.27kg or 20lb = 9.07kg.

Measurements in Pounds

Similar to kilograms, pounds are used to measure things that can be lifted by people. Usually it is used to measure body weight and animals, but can sometimes be used as a unit of weight for food. Use our pound to kilogram converter above.

Measurements in Kilograms

The unit of mass, kgs, are used to measure weighted objects that can be lifted by people. For example, body weight is sometimes measured in kilograms as well as food and everyday items such as books. This conversion lb to kg will help you make that calculation for you.

How many is 1 Pound in kilograms?

1 Pound equals 0.45 kilograms (1lb = 0.45kg)

How many are 2 pounds in kilograms?

2 pounds equal 0.91 kilograms (2lb = 0.91kg)

How many are 3 pounds in kilograms?

3 pounds equal 1.36 kilograms (3lb = 1.36kg)

How many are 4 pounds in kilograms?

4 pounds equal 1.82 kilograms (4lb = 1.82kg)

How many are 5 pounds in kilograms?

5 pounds equal 2.27 kilograms (5lb = 2.27kg)

How many are 10 pounds in kilograms?

10 pounds equal 4.54 kilograms (10lb = 4.54kg)

How many are 15 pounds in kilograms?

15 pounds equal 6.81 kilograms (15lb = 6.81kg)

How many are 20 pounds in kilograms?

20 pounds equal 9.08 kilograms (20lb = 9.08kg)

How many are 25 pounds in kilograms?

25 pounds equal 11.35 kilograms (25lb = 11.35kg)

How many are 30 pounds in kilograms?

30 pounds equal 13.62 kilograms (30lb = 13.62kg)

How many are 50 pounds in kilograms?

50 pounds equal 22.7 kilograms (50lb = 22.7kg)

How many are 100 pounds in kilograms?

100 pounds equal 45.4 kilograms (100lb = 45.4kg)

How many are 200 pounds in kilograms?

200 pounds equal 90.8 kilograms (200lb = 90.8kg)

How many are 500 pounds in kilograms?

500 pounds equal 227 kilograms (500lb = 227kg)

How many are 1000 pounds in kilograms?

1000 pounds equal 454 kilograms (1000lb = 454kg)
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