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Conversion Pounds - Ounces

Conversor de Ounces to Pounds

Ounces are sometimes used as a subdivision measurement of pounds, pounds being the larger unit to measure slightly heavier masses. You use pounds more to measure weights of people or things whereas ounces are used more to measure foods, such as chocolate, and smaller items. There are many weight converters available for you to use, check out this one for pound – ounce conversions.

How to Convert lb to oz?

In order to see how many pounds equal a certain number of ounces, you must enter the quantity of pounds in the box above and click ¨convert¨. For the opposite conversion use our calculator to convert ounces to pounds. This oz to lb calculator is accurate and easy to use.

Formula to Convert Pounds – Ounces

The conversion formula used for these two units of mass is lb x 16 = oz and this is automatically used by our converter of pounds to ounces. For instance,  1lb = 16oz while 15lb = 240oz.

Measurements in Pounds

Similar to kilograms, pounds are used to measure things that can be lifted by people. Usually it is used to measure body weight and animals, but can sometimes be used as a unit of weight for food. The lb – oz calculator above will help you with any conversion.

Measurements in Ounces

This is the smallest unit of mass and one ounce roughly is the same weight as a slice of bread. It can be used to measure liquids or in the fabric industry. More commonly the measurement of ounces is used in cooking. Use our pound to ounce converter to change between these units of quantity.


How many is 1 Pound in Ounces?

1 Pound equals 16 Ounces (1lb = 16oz)

How many are 2 Pounds in Ounces?

2 Pounds equal 32 Ounces (2lb = 32oz)

How many are 3 Pounds in Ounces?

3 Pounds equal 48 Ounces (3lb = 48oz)

How many are 4 Pounds in Ounces?

4 Pounds equal 64 Ounces (4lb = 64oz)

How many are 5 Pounds in Ounces?

5 Pounds equal 80 Ounces (5lb = 80oz)

How many are 10 Pounds in Ounces?

10 Pounds equal 160 Ounces (10lb = 160oz)

How many are 15 Pounds in Ounces?

15 Pounds equal 240 Ounces (15lb = 240oz)

How many are 20 Pounds in Ounces?

20 Pounds equal 320 Ounces (20lb = 320oz)

How many are 25 Pounds in Ounces?

25 Pounds equal 400 Ounces (25lb = 400oz)

How many are 30 Pounds in Ounces?

30 Pounds equal 480 Ounces (30lb = 480oz)

How many are 50 Pounds in Ounces?

50 Pounds equal 800 Ounces (50lb = 800oz)

How many are 100 Pounds in Ounces?

100 Pounds equal 1600 Ounces (100lb = 1600oz)

How many are 200 Pounds in Ounces?

200 Pounds equal 3200 Ounces (200lb = 3200oz)

How many are 500 Pounds in Ounces?

500 Pounds equal 8000 Ounces (500lb = 8000oz)

How many are 1000 Pounds in Ounces?

1000 Pounds equal 16000 Ounces (1000lb = 16000oz)
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