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Conversion Square Metres - Square Kilometre

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Convert Square Kilometre to Square Metres

From the same scale of area, these two units of square kilometres and square metres multiply and divide into each other. With square kilometres being the larger measurement and square metres being one of the smalles units of area. Individually, they will be used for substantially different area measurements. Our m² – km² calculator will help you convert between the two, as will our other area converters.

How to use the Square M to Square Km Converter?

In the box above, enter the amount of square metres you need to change and click “convert” to be given the equivalent amount in square kilometres by our sq m to sq km converter. For the opposite conversion, convert square kilometres to square metres, go here.

Formula to Convert M² – Km²

The mathematical formula below shows you how to do the calculation by hand for the square m to square km conversion. Our online converter uses the same accurate formula. For example, 6m² = 0.000006km² and 750m² = 0.00075m².

[number of] square metres / 1,000,000 = [number of] square kilometres

Unit of Square Metres

Square metres are a popular unit of area for smaller spaces and measurements. As a smaller unit of measurement, it is used more commonly for everyday situations and calculations. It is said that half a doorway approximately equates to a square metre. Above you will find our sq m to sq km conversion tool.

Unit of Square Kilomtres

The unit of area knwon as square kilometres, are found when calculating the size of a park or garden. Measuring in kilometres square is different and refers to the length of a square-shaped area, for example if a park is 10 kilometres square, it would have an area of 100 square kilometres. Use the converter square metres – square kilometres when changing units.

How much is 1 Square Metre in Square Kilometre?

1 Square Metre equal to 0 Square Kilometre (1sq m = 0sq km)

How much are 100 Square Metres in Square Kilometre?

100 Square Metres equal to 0 Square Kilometre (100sq m = 0sq km)

How much are 10000 Square Metres in Square Kilometre?

10000 Square Metres equal to 0.01 Square Kilometre (10000sq m = 0.01sq km)

How much are 50000 Square Metres in Square Kilometre?

50000 Square Metres equal to 0.05 Square Kilometre (50000sq m = 0.05sq km)

How much are 100000 Square Metres in Square Kilometre?

100000 Square Metres equal to 0.1 Square Kilometre (100000sq m = 0.1sq km)

How much are 500000 Square Metres in Square Kilometre?

500000 Square Metres equal to 0.5 Square Kilometre (500000sq m = 0.5sq km)

How much are 1000000 Square Metres in Square Kilometre?

1000000 Square Metres equal to 1 Square Kilometre (1000000sq m = 1sq km)

How much are 2000000 Square Metres in Square Kilometre?

2000000 Square Metres equal to 2 Square Kilometre (2000000sq m = 2sq km)

How much are 5000000 Square Metres in Square Kilometre?

5000000 Square Metres equal to 5 Square Kilometre (5000000sq m = 5sq km)

How much are 7000000 Square Metres in Square Kilometre?

7000000 Square Metres equal to 7 Square Kilometre (7000000sq m = 7sq km)
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