Convert Hectares to Square Kilometres

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Conversion Hectares - Square Kilometres

Conversor de Square Kilometres to Hectares

Units of surface area, such as hectares and square kilometres, are put in use when it comes to measuring amounts of land, such as gardens and parks. Hectares is a large unit, with square kilometres being one of the larger ones so they are each used in different circumstances and for different sizes of land. Have a look at our other area converters if you need to change between other units.

How to use the Converter for Hectares to Square Km?

Using the hectare – square km calculator above, insert the number of hectares that you wish to convert and click “convert” for the accurate conversion to appear in square kilometres. If you need to work in the opposite direction, go to convert square kilometres to hectares.

Formula to Convert Hectares – Km²

When converting hectares to sq km yourself, you might need to use the most accurate formula, which we have provided below. It is the same mathematical formula used by our online converter. As some examples, 6 hectares = 0.06 km² and 250 hectares = 2.5 km².

[number of] hectares / 100 = [number of] square kilometres

Unit of Hectares

Despite being excluded from the Internation System of Units, the hectare is still used in many official circumstances, such as the measurement of area included in land deeds or construction planning. It is one of the largest units of area and similar to the acre, it is commonly used in land calculations. Above is our  ha – sq km conversion tool to help with calculations.

Unit of Square Kilomtres

Square kilometres are a unit of area, found when calculating the size of a park or garden. Measuring in kilometres square is different and refers to the length of a square-shaped area, for example if a park is 10 kilometres square, it would have an area of 100 square kilometres. Use the conversion for hectares – square kilometres when changing units.

How many is 1 Hectare in Square Kilometres?

1 Hectare equals 0.01 Square Kilometres (1ha = 0.01sq km)

How many are 2 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

2 Hectares equal 0.02 Square Kilometres (2ha = 0.02sq km)

How many are 3 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

3 Hectares equal 0.03 Square Kilometres (3ha = 0.03sq km)

How many are 4 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

4 Hectares equal 0.04 Square Kilometres (4ha = 0.04sq km)

How many are 5 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

5 Hectares equal 0.05 Square Kilometres (5ha = 0.05sq km)

How many are 10 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

10 Hectares equal 0.1 Square Kilometres (10ha = 0.1sq km)

How many are 15 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

15 Hectares equal 0.15 Square Kilometres (15ha = 0.15sq km)

How many are 20 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

20 Hectares equal 0.2 Square Kilometres (20ha = 0.2sq km)

How many are 25 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

25 Hectares equal 0.25 Square Kilometres (25ha = 0.25sq km)

How many are 30 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

30 Hectares equal 0.3 Square Kilometres (30ha = 0.3sq km)

How many are 50 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

50 Hectares equal 0.5 Square Kilometres (50ha = 0.5sq km)

How many are 100 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

100 Hectares equal 1 Square Kilometres (100ha = 1sq km)

How many are 200 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

200 Hectares equal 2 Square Kilometres (200ha = 2sq km)

How many are 500 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

500 Hectares equal 5 Square Kilometres (500ha = 5sq km)

How many are 1000 Hectares in Square Kilometres?

1000 Hectares equal 10 Square Kilometres (1000ha = 10sq km)
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