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Conversion Square Yards - Square Metres

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Conversor de Square Metres to Square Yards

Considered official units of area, the square yard and square meter are commonly used throughout the world. As an imperial unit, square yards are now used less frequently outside of the US, UK and Canada as they have been replaced by the square metre. As a larger area measurement, they are used less on a daily basis. View our other area converters and try the sq yd – sq m converter above.

How to use the Converter for Square Yards to Square Metres?

Very simple and easy to use, our square yd to square m calculator above allows you to change units by entering the quantity you need to change in the box and click “convert”. To work the other way, see convert square metres to square yards.

Formula to Convert Square Yd – Square M

When using our online converter for this calculation, you might be wondering what the real formula used is and we have provided it for you below to show the accuracy of our converters. As some examples, 3 sq yd = 2.508 sq m and 14 sq yd = 11.7058 sq m.

[number of] square yards / 1.19599 = [number of] square metres

Unit of Square Yards

The unit of square yards has recently been replaced by most of the English-speaking world to the use of square metres. Generally used to measure more everyday objects and areas such as floor space or carpets, is it considered a smaller unit of area. Use our square yard – square metre calculator above to change between the two.

Unit of Square Metres

Square metres are a popular unit of area for smaller spaces and measurements. It is said that half a doorway approximately equates to a square metre. As a smaller unit of measurement, it is used more commonly for everyday situations and calculations. Above you will find our square yard to square metre conversion tool.

How many is 1 Square Yard in Square Metres?

1 Square Yard equals 0.84 Square Metres (1sq yd = 0.84sq m)

How many are 2 Square Yards in Square Metres?

2 Square Yards equal 1.67 Square Metres (2sq yd = 1.67sq m)

How many are 3 Square Yards in Square Metres?

3 Square Yards equal 2.51 Square Metres (3sq yd = 2.51sq m)

How many are 4 Square Yards in Square Metres?

4 Square Yards equal 3.34 Square Metres (4sq yd = 3.34sq m)

How many are 5 Square Yards in Square Metres?

5 Square Yards equal 4.18 Square Metres (5sq yd = 4.18sq m)

How many are 10 Square Yards in Square Metres?

10 Square Yards equal 8.36 Square Metres (10sq yd = 8.36sq m)

How many are 15 Square Yards in Square Metres?

15 Square Yards equal 12.54 Square Metres (15sq yd = 12.54sq m)

How many are 20 Square Yards in Square Metres?

20 Square Yards equal 16.72 Square Metres (20sq yd = 16.72sq m)

How many are 25 Square Yards in Square Metres?

25 Square Yards equal 20.9 Square Metres (25sq yd = 20.9sq m)

How many are 30 Square Yards in Square Metres?

30 Square Yards equal 25.08 Square Metres (30sq yd = 25.08sq m)

How many are 50 Square Yards in Square Metres?

50 Square Yards equal 41.81 Square Metres (50sq yd = 41.81sq m)

How many are 100 Square Yards in Square Metres?

100 Square Yards equal 83.61 Square Metres (100sq yd = 83.61sq m)

How many are 200 Square Yards in Square Metres?

200 Square Yards equal 167.23 Square Metres (200sq yd = 167.23sq m)

How many are 500 Square Yards in Square Metres?

500 Square Yards equal 418.06 Square Metres (500sq yd = 418.06sq m)

How many are 1000 Square Yards in Square Metres?

1000 Square Yards equal 836.13 Square Metres (1000sq yd = 836.13sq m)
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