Convert Centimeters to Inches

Converting from centimeters to inches? Make your work easier by using this cm to inch unit converter that is accurate and simple to use! More available here.

Conversion Centimeters - Inches

Convert Inches to Centimeters

Used to measure very similar things, inches and centimeters are quite small units, they can be used for most daily measurements, such as small household objects, quantities or weather information. They are often interchangeable which is why it is useful to know the centimeter to inch conversion. View the rest of our length converters for more help.

How to use the Converter for Centimeters to Inches?

Enter a quantity of centimeters into the box above and click “convert” for the centimeter to inch calculator to produce the equivalent quantity in inches. To work the other way, convert inches to centimeters.

Formula to Convert cm – inch

In mathemtaical terms, the formula used by this centimeter – inch converter is shown below for your convenience and use should you need it. To give some examples, 12 cm = 4.72 in and 65 cm = 25.59 in

[number of] centimeters / 2.54 = [number of] inches

Measurements in cm

The centimeter is used in everyday measurements as it measures small lengths and is commonly used as a unit of height. It is a unit of length included in the metric system and is a subunit of the meter. It is  Above you can try out our cm to inches converter when you need a measurement in a another unit.

Measurements in inch

Used in everyday situations such as on the news when discussing rainfall/percipitation, inches are seen as a smaller unit of length. Inches are used for many things such as measuring height to object lengths and sizes. Try out our cm – in converter above for any conversions you might need.

How much is 1 Centimeter in Inches?

1 Centimeter equal to 0.39 Inches (1cm = 0.39in)

How much are 2 Centimeters in Inches?

2 Centimeters equal to 0.79 Inches (2cm = 0.79in)

How much are 3 Centimeters in Inches?

3 Centimeters equal to 1.18 Inches (3cm = 1.18in)

How much are 4 Centimeters in Inches?

4 Centimeters equal to 1.57 Inches (4cm = 1.57in)

How much are 5 Centimeters in Inches?

5 Centimeters equal to 1.97 Inches (5cm = 1.97in)

How much are 10 Centimeters in Inches?

10 Centimeters equal to 3.94 Inches (10cm = 3.94in)

How much are 15 Centimeters in Inches?

15 Centimeters equal to 5.91 Inches (15cm = 5.91in)

How much are 20 Centimeters in Inches?

20 Centimeters equal to 7.87 Inches (20cm = 7.87in)

How much are 25 Centimeters in Inches?

25 Centimeters equal to 9.84 Inches (25cm = 9.84in)

How much are 30 Centimeters in Inches?

30 Centimeters equal to 11.81 Inches (30cm = 11.81in)

How much are 50 Centimeters in Inches?

50 Centimeters equal to 19.69 Inches (50cm = 19.69in)

How much are 100 Centimeters in Inches?

100 Centimeters equal to 39.37 Inches (100cm = 39.37in)

How much are 200 Centimeters in Inches?

200 Centimeters equal to 78.74 Inches (200cm = 78.74in)

How much are 500 Centimeters in Inches?

500 Centimeters equal to 196.85 Inches (500cm = 196.85in)

How much are 1000 Centimeters in Inches?

1000 Centimeters equal to 393.7 Inches (1000cm = 393.7in)
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