Convert Torrs to Millibars

Need to change from a quantity of Torrs to units of millibars? Do so easily with this torr to millibar pressure converter for calculations. View more here.

Conversion Torrs - Millibars

Convert Millibars to Torrs

The unit of pressure known as Torr has many additional subunits, just like the unit of Bar that has the subunit millibars. Neither the Torr or the Bar is included in the International System of Units (SI), although used and recognised internationally. These two pressure measurements are very useful within the scientific industry. Above is a Torr – mbar converter, view some more pressure converters.

How to use the Converter for Torrs to Millibars?

Simply enter an amount of Torrs into the torr to millibar converter and click “convert” to be given an accurate conversion and result in millibars by our pressure calculator. The opposite conversion would mean to convert millibars to torrs.

Formula to Convert torr – mbar

When doing this torrs – millibars conversion, you might need to know the formula behind the equation if you need to do it by hand, or for general knowledge. For instance,

[number of] Torrs x 1.33322 = [number of] millibars

What are Torrs?

Historically, one torr was seen to be equal to one millimetre of mercury, however, since the revision of the units of pressure, this has changed. The torr is named after an Italian mathematician and physicist who worked on the principles of the barometer. Units of Torr have many prefixes, such as the millitorr (mTorr). Use our torr – millibar calculator.

What are millibars?

As a subunit of the unit of pressure called bars, the millibar is equal to exactly one-thousandth of a bar. Millibars are used by scientists to identify the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level to be around 1,013 millibars, but also in meteorology and for weather forecasts written for the public. Try the torr to mbar converter for your calculations.

How much is 1 Torr in Millibars?

1 Torr equal to 1.33 Millibars (1Torr = 1.33mbar)

How much are 2 Torrs in Millibars?

2 Torrs equal to 2.67 Millibars (2Torr = 2.67mbar)

How much are 3 Torrs in Millibars?

3 Torrs equal to 4 Millibars (3Torr = 4mbar)

How much are 4 Torrs in Millibars?

4 Torrs equal to 5.33 Millibars (4Torr = 5.33mbar)

How much are 5 Torrs in Millibars?

5 Torrs equal to 6.67 Millibars (5Torr = 6.67mbar)

How much are 10 Torrs in Millibars?

10 Torrs equal to 13.33 Millibars (10Torr = 13.33mbar)

How much are 15 Torrs in Millibars?

15 Torrs equal to 20 Millibars (15Torr = 20mbar)

How much are 20 Torrs in Millibars?

20 Torrs equal to 26.66 Millibars (20Torr = 26.66mbar)

How much are 25 Torrs in Millibars?

25 Torrs equal to 33.33 Millibars (25Torr = 33.33mbar)

How much are 30 Torrs in Millibars?

30 Torrs equal to 40 Millibars (30Torr = 40mbar)

How much are 50 Torrs in Millibars?

50 Torrs equal to 66.66 Millibars (50Torr = 66.66mbar)

How much are 100 Torrs in Millibars?

100 Torrs equal to 133.32 Millibars (100Torr = 133.32mbar)

How much are 200 Torrs in Millibars?

200 Torrs equal to 266.64 Millibars (200Torr = 266.64mbar)

How much are 500 Torrs in Millibars?

500 Torrs equal to 666.61 Millibars (500Torr = 666.61mbar)

How much are 1000 Torrs in Millibars?

1000 Torrs equal to 1333.22 Millibars (1000Torr = 1333.22mbar)
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