Convert Torrs to Pounds per Square Inch

Changing a quantity of pressure in units of Torr to pounds per square inch? Use this Torr to psi converter or any other pressure calculators here.

Conversion Torrs - Pounds per square inch

Convert Pounds per square inch to Torrs

As two important units of pressure, Torr and pounds per square inch are used to calculate pressures in science and different industries. Both Torr and psi are most commonly used for ambient atmospheric pressures, however, psi also has several variations for measuring pressures that are relative in a vacuum. This is a torr to pounds per square inch converter, if you need to convert different units then take a look at our other pressure converters.

How to use the Converter from Torr to Psi?

In the box above, enter a number of Torr into our torr to psi calculator and click “convert” to be given a new quantity in units of pounds per square inch. For the opposite calculation, convert psi to Torr.

Formula to Convert torr – psi

For the mathematical equation behind this torr – pounds per square inch conversion, we have provided it below so that you can use it for doing the conversion yourself should you need to. For instance, 13 Torr = 0.25 psi and 66 Torr = 1.28 psi

[number of] Torr / 51.7419 = [number of] pounds per square inch

What are Torrs?

The torr was historically seen to be equal to one millimetre of mercury, however, since the revision of the units of pressure, this has changed. Units of Torr have many prefixes, such as the millitorr (mTorr). It is named after an Italian mathematician and physicist who worked on the principles of the barometer. Use our torr – psi converter above.

What is psi?

More accurately known as pound-force per square inch or with the abbreviations of lbf/in² and lbf/sq in, psi is a unit of pressure defined by a force of one pound on an area of one square inch. The psi measurement is most commonly found to be used in the US and can be used to measure atmospheric pressure in certain circumstances. Try our torr to psi converter.

How much is 1 Torr in Pounds per square inch?

1 Torr equal to 0.02 Pounds per square inch (1Torr = 0.02psi)

How much are 2 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

2 Torrs equal to 0.04 Pounds per square inch (2Torr = 0.04psi)

How much are 3 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

3 Torrs equal to 0.06 Pounds per square inch (3Torr = 0.06psi)

How much are 4 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

4 Torrs equal to 0.08 Pounds per square inch (4Torr = 0.08psi)

How much are 5 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

5 Torrs equal to 0.1 Pounds per square inch (5Torr = 0.1psi)

How much are 10 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

10 Torrs equal to 0.19 Pounds per square inch (10Torr = 0.19psi)

How much are 15 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

15 Torrs equal to 0.29 Pounds per square inch (15Torr = 0.29psi)

How much are 20 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

20 Torrs equal to 0.39 Pounds per square inch (20Torr = 0.39psi)

How much are 25 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

25 Torrs equal to 0.48 Pounds per square inch (25Torr = 0.48psi)

How much are 30 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

30 Torrs equal to 0.58 Pounds per square inch (30Torr = 0.58psi)

How much are 50 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

50 Torrs equal to 0.97 Pounds per square inch (50Torr = 0.97psi)

How much are 100 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

100 Torrs equal to 1.93 Pounds per square inch (100Torr = 1.93psi)

How much are 200 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

200 Torrs equal to 3.87 Pounds per square inch (200Torr = 3.87psi)

How much are 500 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

500 Torrs equal to 9.67 Pounds per square inch (500Torr = 9.67psi)

How much are 1000 Torrs in Pounds per square inch?

1000 Torrs equal to 19.34 Pounds per square inch (1000Torr = 19.34psi)
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