Convert Torrs to Bars

Trying to change units of Torr to units of bar? Try out our accurate pressure converter for changing torrs to bars that is easy to use! More available here.

Conversion Torrs - Bars

Conversor de Bars to Torrs

As a more commonly used unit of pressure, units of torrs are perhaps used for measuring smalles amounts of pressure as bars are seen more on everyday equipment used in science and certain other industries. Many of our pressure converters are available for use, including the Torr – Bar converter above.

How to use the Converter for Torrs to Bars?

In the box above, enter the number of Torrs you want to change and click “convert” to be given a new number in bars by our torr to bar calculator. If you want to convert the other way then you need our tool to convert bars to torrs.

Formula to Convert Torr – Bar

To do this torr to bar conversion yourself, you can use the mathematical equation shown below as the formula for the conversion that is accurately used by our pressure converter. For instance, 67 Torr = 0.089 bar and 1,000 Torr = 1.33 bar

[number of] Torr / 750.0638 = [number of] bar

What are Torrs?

The torr is named after an Italian mathematician and physicist who worked on the principles of the barometer. Units of Torr have many prefixes, such as the millitorr (mTorr). Historically, one torr was seen to be equal to one millimetre of mercury, however, since the revision of the units of pressure, this has changed. Use our torr – bar converter above.

What are bars?

Air pressure is measured in bars, a unit of gauge pressure with uses found in the industries of meteorology, oceanography and geology. It can also be divided into millibars or multiplied into kilobars depending on the scale of measurement that needs to be taken. Try out our Torr to bar converter.

How many is 1 Torr in Bars?

1 Torr equals 0 Bars (1Torr = 0bar)

How many are 2 Torrs in Bars?

2 Torrs equal 0 Bars (2Torr = 0bar)

How many are 3 Torrs in Bars?

3 Torrs equal 0 Bars (3Torr = 0bar)

How many are 4 Torrs in Bars?

4 Torrs equal 0.01 Bars (4Torr = 0.01bar)

How many are 5 Torrs in Bars?

5 Torrs equal 0.01 Bars (5Torr = 0.01bar)

How many are 10 Torrs in Bars?

10 Torrs equal 0.01 Bars (10Torr = 0.01bar)

How many are 15 Torrs in Bars?

15 Torrs equal 0.02 Bars (15Torr = 0.02bar)

How many are 20 Torrs in Bars?

20 Torrs equal 0.03 Bars (20Torr = 0.03bar)

How many are 25 Torrs in Bars?

25 Torrs equal 0.03 Bars (25Torr = 0.03bar)

How many are 30 Torrs in Bars?

30 Torrs equal 0.04 Bars (30Torr = 0.04bar)

How many are 50 Torrs in Bars?

50 Torrs equal 0.07 Bars (50Torr = 0.07bar)

How many are 100 Torrs in Bars?

100 Torrs equal 0.13 Bars (100Torr = 0.13bar)

How many are 200 Torrs in Bars?

200 Torrs equal 0.27 Bars (200Torr = 0.27bar)

How many are 500 Torrs in Bars?

500 Torrs equal 0.67 Bars (500Torr = 0.67bar)

How many are 1000 Torrs in Bars?

1000 Torrs equal 1.33 Bars (1000Torr = 1.33bar)
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