Convert Celsius to Rankine

Calculating from degrees Celsius into units of rankine? Use our Celius to rankine converter as an easier option! Try it out yourself for any conversions.

Convert Celsius to Rankine


Celsius and rankine are two separate units for measuring temperature. Celsius degrees are used commercially, such as on the news for weather predictions. The Rankine scale is used in the engineering field and less commercially, however, it is common to need to convert between the two. Use our Celsius – rankine conversion tool above for your calculations and try out our other temperature converters.

How to use the Celsius to Rankine Converter?

In the box above, enter the quantity of degrees Celsius you need to change and click “convert” to be shown the quantity in units of rankine. Our temperature converters are very accurate and you can use the opposite converter should you need to convert rankine to Celsius.

Formula to Convert °C – °R

When doing this Celsius to rankine conversion, you might need to know the mathematical formula behind the process so we have provided it for you below. For instance, 7 °C = 504.27 °R and 28 °C = 542.07 °R

(°C + 273.15) x (9/5) = °R

When to use Celsius?

Celsius degrees is the most common form of measuring temperature, formerly known as degrees centigrade. The name Celsius comes from the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius who discovered a temperature scale where 0 signified boiling water and 100 freezing water. The temperature scale is used for thermometers and on the news when telling the weather. Use our °C to °R calculator above.

When to use Rankine?

Rankine units are related to degrees of Fahrenheit unlike kelvin that are related to Celsius. William Rankine, a Glaswegian engineer and physicist, proposed the Rankine scale in 1859. Absolute zero on the Rankine scale is also defined as 0 on the Kelvin scale. Try out our Celsius – rankine converter.

How many is 1 Celsius degrees in Rankine degrees?

1 Celsius degrees equals 493.47 Rankine degrees (1°C = 493.47°R)

How many are 2 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

2 Celsius degrees equal 495.27 Rankine degrees (2°C = 495.27°R)

How many are 3 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

3 Celsius degrees equal 497.07 Rankine degrees (3°C = 497.07°R)

How many are 4 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

4 Celsius degrees equal 498.87 Rankine degrees (4°C = 498.87°R)

How many are 5 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

5 Celsius degrees equal 500.67 Rankine degrees (5°C = 500.67°R)

How many are 10 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

10 Celsius degrees equal 509.67 Rankine degrees (10°C = 509.67°R)

How many are 15 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

15 Celsius degrees equal 518.67 Rankine degrees (15°C = 518.67°R)

How many are 20 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

20 Celsius degrees equal 527.67 Rankine degrees (20°C = 527.67°R)

How many are 25 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

25 Celsius degrees equal 536.67 Rankine degrees (25°C = 536.67°R)

How many are 30 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

30 Celsius degrees equal 545.67 Rankine degrees (30°C = 545.67°R)

How many are 50 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

50 Celsius degrees equal 581.67 Rankine degrees (50°C = 581.67°R)

How many are 100 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

100 Celsius degrees equal 671.67 Rankine degrees (100°C = 671.67°R)

How many are 200 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

200 Celsius degrees equal 851.67 Rankine degrees (200°C = 851.67°R)

How many are 500 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

500 Celsius degrees equal 1391.67 Rankine degrees (500°C = 1391.67°R)

How many are 1000 Celsius degrees en Rankine degrees?

1000 Celsius degrees equal 2291.67 Rankine degrees (1000°C = 2291.67°R)
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