Convert Reaumur to Kelvin

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Convert Reaumur to Kelvin


Kelvin and Reaumur are units used to measure temperature and they are used in different situations, with units of kelvin being used principally in industrial circumstances and degrees Reaumur in the food production industry. The Kelvin and Reaumur scales are quite different, with -273.15K being absolute zero for all thermal activity and 0°Re being the freezing point of water. View some more temperature converters.

How to use the Converter from Reaumur to Kelvin?

To convert from Reaumur to kelvin, enter the amount of degrees Reaumur you need to change in the box above and click “convert” for our Reaumur – kelvin calculator to work out the correct amount in units of kelvin. The opposite conversion requires you to convert Reaumur to Kelvin.

Formula to Convert °Re – K

If you need to know the mathematical formula for this Reaumur to kelvin conversion, you can view it below. It is accurate and can be useful when working out calculations. A few examples would be 28 °Re = 308.15 K and 59 °Re = 346.9 K

°Re x (5/4) + 273.15 = K

When to Use Reaumur?

The Reaumur temperature scale is named after Réne de Réaumur who proposed a similar scale in the 1700s, using a thermometer that contained diluted alcohol. Over the decades, scientists found this scale problematic and chose to use other degrees such as Celsius instead. Today, Reaumur is used is the European food production industry, for example cheese and dessert. Use our Re to K converter.

When to use Kelvin?

The kelvin is not a type of degree, such as Celsius or Fahrenheit, but instead is a unit of measurement. The Glaswegian engineer and physicist, William Thomson, wrote about an absolute thermometric scale and this is how the Kelvin scale was born.  Above you will be able to convert °re to k.

How many is 1 Reaumur degrees in Kelvin degrees?

1 Reaumur degrees equals 274.4 Kelvin degrees (1°Re = 274.4K)

How many are 2 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

2 Reaumur degrees equal 275.65 Kelvin degrees (2°Re = 275.65K)

How many are 3 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

3 Reaumur degrees equal 276.9 Kelvin degrees (3°Re = 276.9K)

How many are 4 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

4 Reaumur degrees equal 278.15 Kelvin degrees (4°Re = 278.15K)

How many are 5 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

5 Reaumur degrees equal 279.4 Kelvin degrees (5°Re = 279.4K)

How many are 10 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

10 Reaumur degrees equal 285.65 Kelvin degrees (10°Re = 285.65K)

How many are 15 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

15 Reaumur degrees equal 291.9 Kelvin degrees (15°Re = 291.9K)

How many are 20 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

20 Reaumur degrees equal 298.15 Kelvin degrees (20°Re = 298.15K)

How many are 25 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

25 Reaumur degrees equal 304.4 Kelvin degrees (25°Re = 304.4K)

How many are 30 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

30 Reaumur degrees equal 310.65 Kelvin degrees (30°Re = 310.65K)

How many are 50 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

50 Reaumur degrees equal 335.65 Kelvin degrees (50°Re = 335.65K)

How many are 100 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

100 Reaumur degrees equal 398.15 Kelvin degrees (100°Re = 398.15K)

How many are 200 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

200 Reaumur degrees equal 523.15 Kelvin degrees (200°Re = 523.15K)

How many are 500 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

500 Reaumur degrees equal 898.15 Kelvin degrees (500°Re = 898.15K)

How many are 1000 Reaumur degrees en Kelvin degrees?

1000 Reaumur degrees equal 1523.15 Kelvin degrees (1000°Re = 1523.15K)
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