Convert Seconds to Minutes

Looking to convert between seconds and minutes? Here you will find our online calculators to convert between units of time, such as seconds and minutes!

Conversion Seconds - Minutes

Conversor de Minutes to Seconds

Our calculator to convert seconds to minutes is a useful tool for anyone trying to convert units of time. It is especially helpful when you want to be more accurate and specific to change from minutes to seconds, or if you are working with larger quantities of seconds that can be converted into minutes for easier calculations. Check out the rest of our time converters.

How to Convert from Seconds to Minutes?

This time converter that changes seconds to minutes is simple and easy to use. Above, enter the amount of seconds into the box and click ¨convert¨ for a new quantity to appear in minutes. Use this second to minute converter for your calculations. For the opposite conversion, see our tool to convert minutes to seconds.

Formula to Convert Sec – Min

In mathematical terms, the formula below is the correct way to calculate a seconds – minutes conversion and is used by our seconds to minutes calculator above. For instance, 120 secs = 2 mins while 300 seconds = 5 mins.

[number of] seconds / 60 = [number of] mins

Using Seconds

The time unit of seconds is an accurate and smaller quantity used for specific timing requirements such as in sports or cooking. Seconds are divided into milliseconds and multiplied into minutes. This converter seconds to minutes is a handy tool.

Using Minutes

Minutes are a very common unit used for a multiple of reasons, such as telling time and in cooking. They are divided into seconds and multiplied into hours. Above you will find our seconds – minutes conversion to help you in changing units.




How many is 1 Seconds in Minutes?

1 Seconds equals 0.02 Minutes (1sec = 0.02min)

How many are 2 Seconds in Minutes?

2 Seconds equal 0.03 Minutes (2sec = 0.03min)

How many are 3 Seconds in Minutes?

3 Seconds equal 0.05 Minutes (3sec = 0.05min)

How many are 4 Seconds in Minutes?

4 Seconds equal 0.07 Minutes (4sec = 0.07min)

How many are 5 Seconds in Minutes?

5 Seconds equal 0.08 Minutes (5sec = 0.08min)

How many are 10 Seconds in Minutes?

10 Seconds equal 0.17 Minutes (10sec = 0.17min)

How many are 15 Seconds in Minutes?

15 Seconds equal 0.25 Minutes (15sec = 0.25min)

How many are 20 Seconds in Minutes?

20 Seconds equal 0.33 Minutes (20sec = 0.33min)

How many are 25 Seconds in Minutes?

25 Seconds equal 0.42 Minutes (25sec = 0.42min)

How many are 30 Seconds in Minutes?

30 Seconds equal 0.5 Minutes (30sec = 0.5min)

How many are 50 Seconds in Minutes?

50 Seconds equal 0.83 Minutes (50sec = 0.83min)

How many are 100 Seconds in Minutes?

100 Seconds equal 1.67 Minutes (100sec = 1.67min)

How many are 200 Seconds in Minutes?

200 Seconds equal 3.33 Minutes (200sec = 3.33min)

How many are 500 Seconds in Minutes?

500 Seconds equal 8.33 Minutes (500sec = 8.33min)

How many are 1000 Seconds in Minutes?

1000 Seconds equal 16.67 Minutes (1000sec = 16.67min)
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