Convert Barrels to UK Gallons

Looking to convert from barrels to UK gallons? Use this accurate volume converter for barrels to UK gallons. Your bbl to uk gal calculations in seconds!

Conversion Barrels - UK Gallons

Convert UK Gallons to Barrels

As two measurements of volume, we constantly are exposed to quantities in barrels and UK gallons. They are used when calculating volumes of larger qualities, such as in trade or for large amounts of liquids as opposed to in the shops for bottles of water. The two units are very commonly used in the UK and the US as well as the rest of the world. This bbl – gal converter is just one of many of our volume converters.

How to use the Converter from Barrels to UK Gallons?

Enter a number of barrels above in our converter barrels to UK gallons and click “convert” to be given an accurate equivalent in UK gallons. If you need to convert in the opposite direction, use our volume calculator to convert UK gallons to barrels.

Formula to Convert bbl – UK gal

In mathematical terms, the equation used by the barrels to gallons calculator is shown below and is an accurate way to convert the two quantities. For instance, 6 bbl = 216 UK gal and 22 bbl = 792 UK gal

[number of] barrels x 36 = [number of] UK gallons 

Uses for Barrels

Barrels are a measurement of volume used for trading beer and oil, although it can also be used for measuring dry quantities. In the United States beer barrels are more commonly known as kegs, with the unit of barrels being a more official way of defining the volume. Above is our barrel – UK gallon converter.

Uses for UK Gallons

In advertising, product labelling and many other everyday situations, we use the UK gallon as a measurement of volume. Most commonly used in the UK and Ireland, it is also widely frequent in the rest of the world except of the United States where the US gallon is preferred. The gallon is a unit found in measuring quantities of fuel. View our bbl to UK gal converter above.


How much is 1 Barrel in UK Gallons?

1 Barrel equal to 36 UK Gallons (1bbl = 36UK gal)

How much are 2 Barrels in UK Gallons?

2 Barrels equal to 72 UK Gallons (2bbl = 72UK gal)

How much are 3 Barrels in UK Gallons?

3 Barrels equal to 108 UK Gallons (3bbl = 108UK gal)

How much are 4 Barrels in UK Gallons?

4 Barrels equal to 144 UK Gallons (4bbl = 144UK gal)

How much are 5 Barrels in UK Gallons?

5 Barrels equal to 180 UK Gallons (5bbl = 180UK gal)

How much are 10 Barrels in UK Gallons?

10 Barrels equal to 360 UK Gallons (10bbl = 360UK gal)

How much are 15 Barrels in UK Gallons?

15 Barrels equal to 540 UK Gallons (15bbl = 540UK gal)

How much are 20 Barrels in UK Gallons?

20 Barrels equal to 720 UK Gallons (20bbl = 720UK gal)

How much are 25 Barrels in UK Gallons?

25 Barrels equal to 900 UK Gallons (25bbl = 900UK gal)

How much are 30 Barrels in UK Gallons?

30 Barrels equal to 1080 UK Gallons (30bbl = 1080UK gal)

How much are 50 Barrels in UK Gallons?

50 Barrels equal to 1800 UK Gallons (50bbl = 1800UK gal)

How much are 100 Barrels in UK Gallons?

100 Barrels equal to 3600 UK Gallons (100bbl = 3600UK gal)

How much are 200 Barrels in UK Gallons?

200 Barrels equal to 7200 UK Gallons (200bbl = 7200UK gal)

How much are 500 Barrels in UK Gallons?

500 Barrels equal to 18000 UK Gallons (500bbl = 18000UK gal)

How much are 1000 Barrels in UK Gallons?

1000 Barrels equal to 36000 UK Gallons (1000bbl = 36000UK gal)
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