Convert Bars to Pounds per Square Inch

Looking to change from units of bar to pound per square inch? This pressure converter can help you accurately convert bar to psi with more converters here.

Conversion Bars - Pounds per square inch

Conversor de Pounds per square inch to Bars

Air pressure, also known as gauge pressure, can be measured both in bar or psi, which are two common units of pressure. Psi can also be found to measure vacuum pressures whereas bar is specifically a unit for gauge pressure. Our bar – psi conversion tool is accurate to use for pressure calculations and you can also view our other pressure converters.

How to use the Converter from Bar to Psi?

In the box above simply enter the amount of units of bar you need to change and click “convert” for the bar to pounds per square inch conversion to present you a quantity in psi. The opposite calculation would be to convert pounds per square inch to bars.

Formula to Convert bar – psi

If you are searching for the mathematical equation used by our bar – psi calculator, we have provided it below for it to be of use to you should you do the conversion manually. For example, 34 bar = 493 psi and 105 bar = 1,523 psi

[number of] bar x 14.50377 = [number of] psi

What are bars?

Air pressure is measured in bars, a unit of gauge pressure. Its use is found in the industries of meteorology, oceanography and geology. The bar can be divided into millibars and multiplied into kilobars depending on the scale of measurement that needs to be taken. Try out our bar to psi converter.

What is psi?

Psi is a unit of pressure defined by a force of one pound on an area of one square inch. The psi measurement is most commonly found to be used in the US and can be used to measure atmospheric pressure in certain circumstances. More accurately known as pound-force per square inch, other abbreviations of this unit include lbf/in² and lbf/sq in. Above is our bars to pounds per square inch converter.

How many is 1 Bar in Pounds per square inch?

1 Bar equals 14.5 Pounds per square inch (1bar = 14.5psi)

How many are 2 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

2 Bars equal 29.01 Pounds per square inch (2bar = 29.01psi)

How many are 3 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

3 Bars equal 43.51 Pounds per square inch (3bar = 43.51psi)

How many are 4 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

4 Bars equal 58.02 Pounds per square inch (4bar = 58.02psi)

How many are 5 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

5 Bars equal 72.52 Pounds per square inch (5bar = 72.52psi)

How many are 10 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

10 Bars equal 145.04 Pounds per square inch (10bar = 145.04psi)

How many are 15 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

15 Bars equal 217.56 Pounds per square inch (15bar = 217.56psi)

How many are 20 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

20 Bars equal 290.08 Pounds per square inch (20bar = 290.08psi)

How many are 25 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

25 Bars equal 362.59 Pounds per square inch (25bar = 362.59psi)

How many are 30 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

30 Bars equal 435.11 Pounds per square inch (30bar = 435.11psi)

How many are 50 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

50 Bars equal 725.19 Pounds per square inch (50bar = 725.19psi)

How many are 100 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

100 Bars equal 1450.38 Pounds per square inch (100bar = 1450.38psi)

How many are 200 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

200 Bars equal 2900.75 Pounds per square inch (200bar = 2900.75psi)

How many are 500 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

500 Bars equal 7251.89 Pounds per square inch (500bar = 7251.89psi)

How many are 1000 Bars in Pounds per square inch?

1000 Bars equal 14503.77 Pounds per square inch (1000bar = 14503.77psi)
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