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Conversion Atmospheres - Pascals

Conversor de Pascals to Atmospheres

As common units of pressure, atmospheres are found to be used in the industry of meteorology and Pascals can be seen to be used in microbiology and geophysics. The unit of atm is used called standard atmosphere and is used as an international reference of pressure. Pascals are recognised within the International System of Units. This is our atm to pa pressure converter, although we have more pressure converters available.

How to use the Converter from Atmoshperes to Pascals?

Input into the box above the amount of atmospheres and click “convert” for our atm – pa calculator to work out an accurate equivalent for you in Pascals. The opposite conversion requires you to convert Pascals to atmospheres.

Formula to Convert atm – Pa

The technical mathematical equation for how this atmosphere to Pascal conversion is done by our pressure converter is shown below for your use if you need it. As some examples, 7 atm = 709,275 Pa and 28 atm = 2,837,100 Pa

[number of] atmospheres x 101,325 = [number of] Pascals 

What are atmoshperes?

Atmoshperic pressure is measured by the unit of atmoshpere by a piece of equipment called a barometer, which is commonly used in meteorology. Atmospheres measure pressure through the force of an object exerted on a surface by the weight of the air above it, or in other terms the Earth’s atmoshpere. Use our atmosphere – pascal converter.

What are Pascals?

Pascals are defined as a unit of pressure equivalent to one newton per square metre. They were named after Blaise Pascal who was a French mathematician and physicist and are slowly replacing the psi units all over the world, except in the United States. In medicine and geophysics, units derived from the Pascal are used. Above is our atmospheres to Pascals converter.

How many is 1 Atmosphere in Pascals?

1 Atmosphere equals 101325 Pascals (1atm = 101325Pa)

How many are 2 Atmospheres in Pascals?

2 Atmospheres equal 202650 Pascals (2atm = 202650Pa)

How many are 3 Atmospheres in Pascals?

3 Atmospheres equal 303975 Pascals (3atm = 303975Pa)

How many are 4 Atmospheres in Pascals?

4 Atmospheres equal 405300 Pascals (4atm = 405300Pa)

How many are 5 Atmospheres in Pascals?

5 Atmospheres equal 506625 Pascals (5atm = 506625Pa)

How many are 10 Atmospheres in Pascals?

10 Atmospheres equal 1013250 Pascals (10atm = 1013250Pa)

How many are 15 Atmospheres in Pascals?

15 Atmospheres equal 1519875 Pascals (15atm = 1519875Pa)

How many are 20 Atmospheres in Pascals?

20 Atmospheres equal 2026500 Pascals (20atm = 2026500Pa)

How many are 25 Atmospheres in Pascals?

25 Atmospheres equal 2533125 Pascals (25atm = 2533125Pa)

How many are 30 Atmospheres in Pascals?

30 Atmospheres equal 3039750 Pascals (30atm = 3039750Pa)

How many are 50 Atmospheres in Pascals?

50 Atmospheres equal 5066250 Pascals (50atm = 5066250Pa)

How many are 100 Atmospheres in Pascals?

100 Atmospheres equal 10132500 Pascals (100atm = 10132500Pa)

How many are 200 Atmospheres in Pascals?

200 Atmospheres equal 20265000 Pascals (200atm = 20265000Pa)

How many are 500 Atmospheres in Pascals?

500 Atmospheres equal 50662500 Pascals (500atm = 50662500Pa)

How many are 1000 Atmospheres in Pascals?

1000 Atmospheres equal 101325000 Pascals (1000atm = 101325000Pa)
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