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Trying to change from units of atmosphere to units of bar? Use this simple and accurate atm to bar pressure converter for any calculation! More available.

Conversion Atmospheres - Bars

Conversor de Bars to Atmospheres

To measure pressure, you might do so with units of atmosphere or bar that are commonly found to calculate air pressures. Pressure is measured by any unit of force divided by any unit of area, however it is simpler to use set units of pressure instead. The bar has recently been seen as a more universal and popular choice of unit, seeing that the atmosphere is beginning to be used less. View our other pressure converters and use our atmoshpere to bar calculator.

How to use the Converter for Atmospheres to Bars?

Above, enter in the box the amount of atmospheres you need to change and click “convert” for an atmosphere – bar conversion that will present a new quantity of bars. To work the other way, convert bar to atmoshpere.

Formula to Convert atm – bar

Provided below is the mathematical formula used by our accurate converter of atm – bar that you can use yourself if you wish to do the calculation by hand. For instance, 17 atm = 17.23 bar and 66 atm = 66.87 bar

[number of] atmospheres x 1.01325 = [number of] bars

What are atmoshperes?

The unit of atmoshpere measures pressure through the force of an object exerted on a surface by the weight of air above it, or in other terms the Earth’s atmoshpere. Atmoshperic pressure is measured by a piece of equipment called a barometer, which is commonly used in meteorology. Above is our atmosphere – bar converter.

What are bars?

Air pressure is measured in bars, a unit of gauge pressure. The bar can be divided into millibars and multiplied into kilobars depending on the scale of measurement that needs to be taken. Its use is found in the industries of meteorology, oceanography and geology. Try out our atm to bar converter.

How many is 1 Atmosphere in Bars?

1 Atmosphere equals 1.01 Bars (1atm = 1.01bar)

How many are 2 Atmospheres in Bars?

2 Atmospheres equal 2.03 Bars (2atm = 2.03bar)

How many are 3 Atmospheres in Bars?

3 Atmospheres equal 3.04 Bars (3atm = 3.04bar)

How many are 4 Atmospheres in Bars?

4 Atmospheres equal 4.05 Bars (4atm = 4.05bar)

How many are 5 Atmospheres in Bars?

5 Atmospheres equal 5.07 Bars (5atm = 5.07bar)

How many are 10 Atmospheres in Bars?

10 Atmospheres equal 10.13 Bars (10atm = 10.13bar)

How many are 15 Atmospheres in Bars?

15 Atmospheres equal 15.2 Bars (15atm = 15.2bar)

How many are 20 Atmospheres in Bars?

20 Atmospheres equal 20.27 Bars (20atm = 20.27bar)

How many are 25 Atmospheres in Bars?

25 Atmospheres equal 25.33 Bars (25atm = 25.33bar)

How many are 30 Atmospheres in Bars?

30 Atmospheres equal 30.4 Bars (30atm = 30.4bar)

How many are 50 Atmospheres in Bars?

50 Atmospheres equal 50.66 Bars (50atm = 50.66bar)

How many are 100 Atmospheres in Bars?

100 Atmospheres equal 101.33 Bars (100atm = 101.33bar)

How many are 200 Atmospheres in Bars?

200 Atmospheres equal 202.65 Bars (200atm = 202.65bar)

How many are 500 Atmospheres in Bars?

500 Atmospheres equal 506.63 Bars (500atm = 506.63bar)

How many are 1000 Atmospheres in Bars?

1000 Atmospheres equal 1013.25 Bars (1000atm = 1013.25bar)
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