Convert Bars to Pascals

Looking to change an amount of bars into Pascals? It might seem complicated but our bar to Pascal pressure converter will make it easier! Click for more.

Conversion Bars - Pascals

Conversor de Pascals to Bars

The pressure units of bars and Pascals are used in various different industries and fields such as measuring pressures of terrain, materials and gasses. They offer sub-units that can be used for measuring a huge variety of different types of pressure calculations. This is our accurate bar – Pa converter to use for your calculations and view more pressure converters for different types of conversions.

How to use the Converter for Bars to Pascals?

Above you will see a box to input a quantity of bars and click “convert” for the bar to Pascal conversion to give you a new quantity in Pascals. If you need to work the other way, convert Pascals to bars.

Formula to Convert bar – Pa

The mathematical equation used by our bar – pa calculator is given below if you wish to do the pressure conversion by hand or wish to know it. To give some examples, 23 bar = 2,300,000 Pa and 16 bar = 1,600,000 Pa

[number of] bars / 0.00001 = [number of] Pascals 

What are bars?

Air pressure is measured in bars, a unit of gauge pressure. Its use is found in the industries of meteorology, oceanography and geology. The bar can be divided into millibars and multiplied into kilobars depending on the scale of measurement that needs to be taken. Try out our bar to Pa converter.

What are Pascals?

Pascals are defined as a unit of pressure equivalent to one newton per square metre, named after Blaise Pascal who was a French mathematician and physicist. In medicine and geophysics, units derived from the Pascal are used. Pascals are slowly replacing the psi units all over the world, except in the United States. Above is our Bar to Pascal converter.

How many is 1 Bar in Pascals?

1 Bar equals 100000 Pascals (1bar = 100000Pa)

How many are 2 Bars in Pascals?

2 Bars equal 200000 Pascals (2bar = 200000Pa)

How many are 3 Bars in Pascals?

3 Bars equal 300000 Pascals (3bar = 300000Pa)

How many are 4 Bars in Pascals?

4 Bars equal 400000 Pascals (4bar = 400000Pa)

How many are 5 Bars in Pascals?

5 Bars equal 500000 Pascals (5bar = 500000Pa)

How many are 10 Bars in Pascals?

10 Bars equal 1000000 Pascals (10bar = 1000000Pa)

How many are 15 Bars in Pascals?

15 Bars equal 1500000 Pascals (15bar = 1500000Pa)

How many are 20 Bars in Pascals?

20 Bars equal 2000000 Pascals (20bar = 2000000Pa)

How many are 25 Bars in Pascals?

25 Bars equal 2500000 Pascals (25bar = 2500000Pa)

How many are 30 Bars in Pascals?

30 Bars equal 3000000 Pascals (30bar = 3000000Pa)

How many are 50 Bars in Pascals?

50 Bars equal 5000000 Pascals (50bar = 5000000Pa)

How many are 100 Bars in Pascals?

100 Bars equal 10000000 Pascals (100bar = 10000000Pa)

How many are 200 Bars in Pascals?

200 Bars equal 20000000 Pascals (200bar = 20000000Pa)

How many are 500 Bars in Pascals?

500 Bars equal 50000000 Pascals (500bar = 50000000Pa)

How many are 1000 Bars in Pascals?

1000 Bars equal 100000000 Pascals (1000bar = 100000000Pa)
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